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Quotes, quotes, and more quotes!

You know you want to...
Rynel says, "What d'you guys want to be able to do, other than having the ability to chop a starship in half while floating in vacuum with little more than a dull butter knife?"
Rynel says, "Cause I know you're all thinking it."
Darzoni says, "..."
Darzoni says, "Damn."

Darzoni says, "You know what we've done, right guys?"
Ser says, "What've we done?"
Darzoni says, "We've just taken Exalted, the game known for taking fantasy RPG to the next level... to the next level."
Rynel says, "We rock."

The setting changes, the goal remains the same.
Ser says, "Also, we've ignored the most important question about this setting"
Ser says, "What is Gem, and how can we destroy it?"

8 successes to stop bleeding leads to these words of wisdom.
<OOC> Mal says, "Exalted: the game where your blood does not run unless you damn well /tell it to/."

Dude, Where's My Alchemical?
Mal gets out, surveying the place before going to help unload the ship. "Not bad...defensible, but we've gotta hope against Realm attack ships. I don't see any anti-ship weaponry...Ed, add that to the list, please?" Mal thinks. "And that gives us a new thing to do. Get me a list of materials, we'll raid for them."
<OOC> Darzoni says, "Ed says, "No problem... let me just hijack an Essence 7 Alchemical...""
<OOC> Mal says, "We've got that big a list?"
<OOC> Darzoni unrolls the list. "Yes."
<OOC> Mal says, "Right then. Let's get the crowbar and hope Autochthon hasn't installed the Club."
<OOC> Mal says, "Dude, Where's My Alchemical?"

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