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Player Characters (The Circle)

  • Magnificent Arrow of Light - captain and main pilot of the House of Dragons, Mal (as he is called) is a Zenith Solar with a flair for personal leadership and punching things really hard. He is rabidly, viciously against the Realm, ever since his village was utterly destroyed in a Wyld Hunt raid. He's not, however, at home in high society. At all.
  • Radical Engineer of Dynamic Warrior Artifacts and Rarified Designs- Also known as 'Ed' by her crewmates, and "Radical EDWARD" to the outside world, Ed is a Starmetal Caste Alchemical... who was built to resemble a child in stature and mentality. She was built to work on voidships, and did the repair and retrofitting on the House of Dragons. In return, she was given a place in the crew and serves as the engineer. Most people aren't sure if Ed is an 8 year old boy or girl. Ed acts like a tomboy, and refers to herself in third person most of the time. The Realm wants to capture and imprison Ed so she can make wonders for them. Fortunately for her, they believe they are looking for a grown man. Ed is rather eccentric.
  • Staren - A Sidereal of Secrets disguised as a Half-Caste of some sort. Often exasperated, and believes there is no soulsteel in Creation.
  • Marcus - A Dawn Caste Solar with a giant grimcleaver (I have to go back and check on this to be sure if it's really a grimcleaver) and a problem with Dragon-Bloods.


  • Bob - Crewman of the House of Dragons
  • Awakened Jade - Crewman of the House of Dragons
  • Seven Dipper - Crewman of the House of Dragons
  • Siala Marn - Crewman of the House of Dragons
  • Walks With Princes - Crewman of the House of Dragons
  • Denet Barbarian-Slayer - Officer commanding Marcus' remaining troops.
  • Nelens Faras - Water Aspect Dragon-Blooded. Joined Mal's merry band after some convincing and an ass-whooping.
  • Straightforward Horse - Mortal in Marcus' small army. King of not beating around the bush. Decent martial artist.
  • Most Supremely Hardcore Jeeves - God-Blooded butler. Great martial artist, survived a hit from Marcus.

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