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A variety of Voidships coming soon.

== Voidships == [#VoidShips] Sparrow-class Light Scout (Artifact 2) [#SparrowLightScout]

Repair: 2

A small voidship designed and produced during the Primordial War, a Sparrow is a one-man vessel, approximately 4 yards in length and possessing a 7 yard wingspan when the wings are deployed (5 yards wide when not deployed). The Exalt piloting this craft lays on his stomach inside the body to operate the ship, which uses a system of straps and pulleys not unlike a Warstrider for control. The ship is not armed, relying on its speed and Exalted pilot for defense.

To pilot this ship, the Exalted must commit 4 motes and be strapped in. Then it operates normally. Since Sparrows are not as ambitious as most voidship designs, it requires no maintenance.

Sparrows are small enough that they were often customized and made mostly from one kind of Magical Material. As a result, Exalted who attune these properly can gain a Magical Material bonus. Such versions are Artifact 3.

  • Jade: As durable as the earth, swift as the wind, fierce as fire... so is the sparrow. The craft gains +4B/+2L soak, +2 yrds tactical movement, +1 MPH top speed, +1 to manueverability.
  • Starmetal: Riding as much upon the strands of fate as essence streams, Starmetal Sparrows are much more adept at avoiding disaster. The craft gains +4 manueverability.
  • Moonsilver: As mercurial as the primary material they are made of, Moonsilver Sparrows repair their own damage over time. Moonsilver Sparrows recover 1 health level every hour. The Exalted pilot may expend 4m per health level he wishes to will the craft to recover as a miscellaneous action (Speed 3, DV -1).
  • Soulsteel: Shaped more like ravens, the deathknights are known to employ these. They shriek hideously as they're piloted through the Void, and are unusually swift. Mechanically, they have the same bonuses and effect as Orichalcum Sparrows.
  • Orichalcum: Possessed of the brilliance of the sun, these are unusually fast craft that glitter distractingly. Increase the difficulty of all attacks against an Orichalcum Sparrow by 1. The craft also +15 yards tactical movement, +30 MPH top speed, and +2 Manueverability.

There are many surviving examples of First Age Sparrow light scouts in the Second Age. The design is cheap enough that most supernatural armadas will field a wing of them, and they are still being produced in the Second Age. Many of the Dragon-Bloods with access to artifact foundries will own a Sparrow and use it as a personal transport. The Armadas of the Dead employ them frequently as a means to drop defiled corpses so that hungry ghosts haunt the area.

  • Speed: 90/180MPH
  • Maneuverability: +3R
  • Endurance: No maintenance required, but the pilot needs something to let him breathe.
  • Crew: 1/1, Ride 2, Lore 1.
  • Cargo: 4 people, strapped on the wings.
  • Armor: 6L/8B
  • Health Levels: Ux2/Mx2/Cx2/Ix2/D

Talon-class Void Fighter (Artifact 2)

Repair 2

This craft is statistically the same as a Sparrow-class light scout (see below), except that a fire lance has been mounted facing the front of the craft as the craft's only weapon.

The House of Dragons, Arrow of Light-class Raider(Artifact 5)

Repair: 3

This is a refitted Manta-class transport belonging to Magnificent Arrow of Light. It is virtually the same externally except for two Dragon Pulse Cannons mounted around where the manta's eyes would be and a network of starmetal wires all over the wings. There are also hidden ports where the nozzles for the Superb Thruster Array have been mounted.

The interior has been drastically changed however. The bulky engine was retrofitted and changed over to a more compact and efficient design by Radical Engineer. Essence resevoirs were mounted in the ship to store essence while the ship was at rest. The House of Dragons has about half the cargo capacity of a normal Manta transport, since facilities were built for long term habitation. The ship has a mess hall, small medical facility, 7 double-bunked quarters, 1 captain's quarters, and bathing facilities. Additionally, the ship has many smuggler compartments hidden all over the interior.

The House of Dragons is slightly faster than a standard Manta transport, another one of Ed's improvements. The ship and its crew are wanted by The Realm for piracy, among other things. It has so far proved to be an elusive target.

  • Speed: 63/125MPH
  • Maneuverability: +2S
  • Endurance: Pilot and Copilot must commit 3 motes at their control stations during flight. After 100 cumulative hours of flight, the ship suffers 1 level of automatic lethal damage for every 10 hours of flight afterwards.
  • Crew: 5/2, Sail 2, Lore 2.
  • Cargo: 1 warstrider in a fetal position or 3 full fangs of soldiers.
  • Armor: 15L/20B
  • Health Levels: Ux20/Mx10/Cx7/Ix3/D
  • Weapons: 2 turreted Fire Lances, 2 dragon pulse cannons.
  • Systems: Autonomic Essence Gathering Engine (Rating 5), Superb Manuevering Thrusters

Leviathan-class Command Carrier (Artifact N/A)[#LeviathanCommandCarrier]

Repair: 9

Designed as a mobile command post, a Leviathan Command Carrier is an utterly massive voidship, a singularly monolithic artifact capable of housing 750,000 troops and all their battle gear. They are patterned after the entities known as the Leviathans of Autochthon, and were rarely built during the High First Age due to the expense. Very few of these were created after the Great Geas was leveled, for reasons unknown. They were eventually phased out in favor of the Titan-Class citadels: mobile fortresses the size of moons.

A Levithan Command Carrier's size is mind-boggling to behold, being a vaguely fish-shaped object some seven miles long, two miles high, and two and a half miles wide (for a volume of approximately 35 cubic miles). It is not powered by hearthstones, Exalted, or geomantic essence, but instead has three Essence 7 gods who were bound into the superstructure of the Leviathan. These gods are a City Mother/Father, a god of War, and a god of artificial flight, each tending to one of the three aspects required to make the Leviathan function smoothly. These three gods only recognize the authority of the Exalted. At the heart of each Levithan is a hearthstone room, for the sheer amount of essence a ship of this size will collide with on its journeys requires that the essence be channeled through the geomantic architecture to help power the ship.

All amenities are provided for on a Leviathan, with running water and toliets, though they are arranged and decorated in a functional and spartan style as is typical of early Voidship designs. The vast majority of the crew quarters have four bunks, with little room for personal effects. The ship's crew are only double-bunked, as they are expected to be stationed on the ship for the long term, unlike the soldiers aboard. The command staff has the luxury of sharing their quarters with nobody. The front third of a Leviathan is taken up by hangar bays for the ship's fleet of voidships, containing vast arrays of maintenance equipment and spare parts. The lower decks of the ship are dedicated to cargo, with approximately the lower half of the remaining space dedicated to storing supplies for 750,000 soldiers. The top decks of the ship are all support mechanisms and crew quarters, with the bridge located in these decks. The remaining space are entirely quarters for the soldiers on-board and facilities to support those soldiers.

The armament of these ships is considerable, but in the final analysis, they are defensive in nature given the sheer size and scale of the ship itself. There are approximately seven hundred fire lances arrayed along the outer hull of the ship for shooting down flying infantry and repelling small boarding craft. One hundred Lightning Ballistae are mounted along the sides of the ship to deter smaller voidships and some of the larger Primordial spawn. Fifty Heavy Implosion Bows were seated in large turrets all over the ship to take down larger targets. But perhaps the most impressive defensive mechanism of Leviathans are their Pin-Point Essence Barrier Systems, which created barriers of essence to block incoming fire.

None of the First Age models of Leviathans are known to be fully functional in the Second Age. Those few that survived the Usurpation were studiously maintained by the Shogunate and kept in reserve should a grave threat face the Universe. That threat came in the form of the Fair Folk invasion at the end of the Second Age, and the Fair Host overwhelmed the Leviathans with their void-borne Behemoths. Those that still exist or were not lost in Wyld storms are shells of their former might if functional at all. A few crashed into planets and moons and became the basis of new cities. To restore a Leviathan to full operational status would likely bankrupt the entirety of the Realm itself and require the cooperation of the three gods who claim the Leviathan as their domain.

Rumors have been circulating in the south of a great machine ship operating in areas of the Void where the Autochthonians are known to walk. If these rumors are true, it means the Children of the Machine God have discovered how to build Leviathan-like voidships. They are likely empowered directly by Essence 8+ Alchemical Exalted and armed with array of Charms that make them as formidible as their ancient counterparts.

  • Speed: 400/800 MPH.
  • Maneuverability: -10S.
  • Endurance: Models built by the Mountain Folk require almost constant maintenance, which can be done while the ship is underway. The more advanced models built by the Solars require no maintenance.
  • Crew: 1500/500, Sail 3, Lore 3.
  • Cargo: The sheer size of the ship means the cargo space is best left as an exercise of the imagination.
  • Armor: 40L/60B/20A
  • Health Levels: Ux500/Mx250/Cx125/Ix63/D*
The Leviathan is massive enough that it never explodes and can only truly be destroyed with weapons of mass destruction, but all systems are inoperative and the interior is likely gutted.
  • Weapons: 700 Fire Lances, 100 Lightning Ballistae, 50 Heavy Implosion Bows.
  • Systems: Pin-Point Essence Barrier System, Tapestry Folding Machine
Pin-Point Essence Barrier System: The system requires three essence users manning special stations on the bridge. When the system is active, they enter a trance-like state in which their consciousness becomes attuned with the ship. They regain no essence while in this state, but can percieve everything happening around the ship. In this state, they can reflexively spend 1 mote to choose a Parry Defense against any incoming fire, and are able to use applicable abilities to boost this Parry. Even should the shot not be blocked, a barrier forms that has 20B/10L armor soak that is added to the ship's soak.
Tapestry Folding Machine: The ship can instantly teleport anywhere in the Universe with perfect precision... but doing so leaves it terribly vulnerable. Everything except life support and emergency lighting stops functioning for twelve hours while the ship recharges. This system is one of the biggest reasons why Leviathans required the smallest spark of Autochthon's power and the Great Maker's intimate knowledge of Creation's workings, and will not function correctly if Autochthon has not authorized the activation of the Leviathan, leading to disasterous results.
I designed Leviathans to help explain just how the hell the armies of Exalted got around a freakin' UNIVERSE to kick Primordial ass. - Darz