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Artifacts that aid in the operation of a voidship.

== Voidship Aids ==[#VoidshipAids]

Needle of Celestial Navigation (Artifact 1)
[#NeedleOfNavigation] This artifact is something most Exalted captains are never without. It is nothing more than a compass that always points to the center of the Universe: The Elemental Pole of Earth. It takes the form of a white jade needle suspended on a length of fine chain or string. When 1 mote is committed to it and the needle dangled from the string, the sharp end of the needle will point towards the Elemental Pole of Earth. The effect ends when the mote is withdrawn.

There are versions made of the other magical materials. Orichalcum versions always point to the nearest star when activated. Soulsteel versions always point to the nearest shadowland. The starmetal versions are artifact 2 and always point to the destination the bearer is seeking except when the destination in question is outside of Fate. The moonsilver version of the needle always points to the mystical landmarks the First Age Lunars put in place, called songlines.

Torc of Breath (Artifact 1)
[#TorcOfBreath] A large heavy collar made of blue and white jade, this artifact is something the Dragon-Blooded created after the usurpation to reduce the amount of resources being spent on void breathers. It can only be used by Air Aspect Dragon-Blooded, as it was specifically designed to mesh with their animas. While worn, the Air Aspect's anima does no damage whatsoever to his surroundings, instead creating breathable air in a number of yards equal to the Air Aspect's Essence x 3. An Air-aspect need only commit 1 mote to this artifact to attune it, and may choose to spend 1 mote per hour to generate breathable air if he does not wish to display his anima.

Wayward Soul Beacon (Artifact 1)
[#WaywardSoulBeacon] A small medallion made of all five colors of jade hung from a string or chain, a wayward soul beacon is useful to Exalted and mortal alike. It lets their shipmates locate them if they fall overboard on a voidship. Exalted need only attune the beacon for 1 mote, while mortals must commit a point of willpower to attune it. As long as the wearer is attuned to the wayward soul beacon, they are considered to have an anima banner as if they had spent 16 motes. The colors displayed for mortal users are a rainbow of colors. Additionally, anybody searching for the overboard crewman gets two automatic successes if they are able to see the anima banner.

Soulgem Detector (Artifact 2)

Repair: 2

Availible only to Autochthonians, this is typically mounted in a voidship, and is used to find Autochthonians who have gone overboard somehow. Since all but the most despised Autochthonians have soulgems, it is a very effective method of recovering men overboard.

To operate this, one only needs to place his hands on the recievers, close his eyes, and concentrate. The user then rolls Perception + Awareness as a simple action. With one success, he knows how many people with soulgems are overboard. With two successes, he knows the directions they're in relative to the craft as well. With three successes, he also knows the exact distance from the ship each one of the men are. With four successes, he knows their social status within Autochthonia. With five successes, he knows all of the above, and the names of the people overboard.

The maximum radius scannable by the soulgem detector is 100 miles by mortals. Exalted, with their more refined Essence, can scan up to Essence x 100 miles with the Soulgem Detector.

Auspicious Soul Beacon (Artifact 3)
[#AuspiciousSoulBeacon] These are starmetal versions of wayward soul beacons. They function exactly the same except as noted below.

The wearer will /always/ be found by a ship before their air supply runs out. The ship isn't necessarily a friendly one or even one crewed by the living, but a ship will arrive. Sidereals searching for an overboard person with a starmetal wayward soul beacon gain a number of automatic successes to their search efforts equal to the Essence of the wearer. These are the rarest of all soul beacons and almost always in possession of a Sidereal Exalted (usually a Chosen of Journeys). This item will not function outside of Fate.

Luna's Blessed Soul Beacon (Artifact 3)
[#BlessedSoulBeacon] This is a moonsilver version of a wayward soul beacon. It functions exactly the same except as noted below.

The wearer must commit 5 motes and 1 willpower instead of 1 mote (Mortals must commit 2 willpower points and take 1 lethal damage.) to use this soul beacon. In return for this more expensive exchange, the wearer is enveloped by a protective moonsilver cocoon. In this state, all of the wearer's biological functions are suspended until he is found. He is also immune to the effects of the Wyld and shaping combat while in this coocoon. Fair Folk who touch this cocoon suffer 1 health level of aggravated damage for every 5 seconds in contact with it.

Map of the Endless Night (Artifact 3)
[#MapOfEndlessNight] This is a well-polished moonsilver disc two yards in diameter set into a stand of starmetal and orichalcum three feet tall. Most ancient Dragon-Blooded families have at least one as family heirlooms, reminders of the great battle their ancestors fought against the Anathema. If they knew the true value of these objects, however, they would not be using them as parlor tables and nightstands.

The stand was actually a way for the voidship officers of the First Age to navigate the Void. When five motes is committed, the moonsilver disc changes and warps, becoming a map of essence lines, ships, celestial bodies in three dimensions. The display can be zoomed in to focus on one ship, showing even the motions of crew on deck, or out to display the surrounding 10,000 miles, and anywhere in between. It is accomplished simply by the owner simply concentrating on what they want to see. It effectively gives anyone using it to navigate the Void +2 dice on any pertinent dice pool. In mass combat, it grants the fleet commander +2 dice on any roll as long as he has the motes committed to the Map of Endless Night. A Map of Endless Night does not work when on a planet- the essence currents that form a planet are far too complex for it to interpret. The map reverts to its inactive state when the committed motes are withdrawn.

The Guild has access to a few Maps of the Endless Night, and uses them to keep their essence current charts updated. Obviously to gain an advantage over other trade groups and to profit by selling the most current essence flow maps to others for a price.

Unfailing Soul Beacon (Artifact 3)
[#UnfailingSoulBeacon] These are orichalcum versions of wayward soul beacons, and function exactly the same except as noted below.

An unfailing wayward soul beacon subtly pulls the wearer back towards their ship, automatically arriving in (11 - Wearer's Essence) scenes (20 minutes for each 'scene' for longer scenes). This can be expedited by the expenditure of 5 motes per scene sooner the wearer wants to be back. Mortals who have no essence pool cannot shorten the time required for arrival back at the ship.

In the First Age, the Solars made these for themselves so they could always arrive back at their ship if they were flung into the depths of the Void when fighting the forces of the Primordials. It also made the Solar Admirals extremely difficult to defeat by the Terrestrials during the usurpation.