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Requiem is short for Requiem for the Fading Light at Eventide, one of my character concepts. Basically an Abyssal who is on-side with the Deathlords but doesn't like hurting things, or in fact killing them. He's the only one of myRequiem/AbyssalCharacters to have arrived here yet.

It's also my net nick for anywhere and everywhere. I'm also known as Syrtis, and I post under the name 'Physshe' on the Exalted Forum. I was once called Hornedevil. But I use the latter nick no longer.

I now also have a brief page ofRequiem/RulesQuestions.

And some fiction. Warning - depressing. Requiem/Loss

About me - well, currently I'm running a Solar campaign (details may get stuck here) and playing in a Sidereal campaign (same). There's more stuff on my wiki homepage here.

I'm a member of CambridgeUniversity/CURS, the roleplaying society at the University of Cambridge. That's in the UK for any Americans who think I'm at MIT. Big shout out to anyone else from CURS who reads this wiki.

And, well, that's it for now. (Smiles happily in a Chosen of Venus fashion and goes off to read articles)