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I'm new, so you can give me candy or pelt me with rocks at your option. I've been playing RPGs for 10 years, but only recently converted to Exalted. Umm, I go to college, and waste time with various pointless pursuits during my free time. redTEETH is a handle which is meant to be associated with cannibalism, but predictably everyone always thinks of vampires. *sigh* I'm so misunderstood.

looking forward to... THE FUTURE!!!

I should be starting a Lunar campaign in three weeks, and I will be putting characters and notes, etc. up.

Mmm, note to self, I had a very nice idea for a Martial Arts style based on Judo. Consider possibilities.

Love Me with Your Words

Replace with more interesting things if you have something to say. Or just like hearing the clack of your keyboard. Or if you have a Quiet Key keyboard, but like the finger exercise. Err. Yeah.