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Inherent Inherent is a new Charm type which in several cases replaces "Special" type or duration Charms. It represents an ability which, although learned like a standard 'activated' Charm, augments the capabilities of its user and is never activated. Ox Body Technique and the two Lunar charms Towering Beast Form and Humble Mouse Shape represent Inherent-type charms.

Orchard The collection of trees that form the whole of a particular Exalt's Charm selection.


The terminology I used for Inherent Charms was Augment. That's also my replacement term for Enchantment Charms, if it ever comes up, because Enchantment seems a little out of place. Most permanent Duration Augment Charm do not have a cost, if only because it will only ever be spent once. Permanent Augment Charms are Perfectly immune to effects that deactivate Charms. Just adding. Wohksworth