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The Being Known as The Mocker is a cypher. No one knows who or what he really is, least of all the Deathlords. It is known that he has a number of Abyssal servants: and his master plan is something that the Deathlords are aware of, and all working against: Resurrect the Neverborn. Unlike the Deathlords, The Mocker is allied with no one and nothing, even his base of operations is a closely guarded secret because if the Deathlords could find it they would surely try to destroy him.


No one knows much about The Moocker's history, he is largely a cypher, and being outside of fate even those such as Nara-O cannot easily divine the facts of the case, as the parts that they wish to know of are precisely the parts that have occurred in the Underworld.

The First Age

Nothing is known of The Mocker's First Age incarnation save that he was a Solar at the height of the first age. One fact seems clear however, he knew and practiced Necromancy, leading most to conclude he was a Twilight Caste.

The Shogunate

Somehow, during the Shogunate, The Mocker made a deal with one of the Neverborn: not the ones that sponsored the other Deathlords, but someone else, that in exchange for power he would try to accomplish something never before achieved: UNDO death. The Mocker promised to attempt to RESURRECT the Neverborn, return them to life and glory. and for this reason, the other Deathlords loath and despise him, for several reasons, not the least of which is they feel he is a 'snake-oil-salesman': saying that 'death cannot be undone'. However, the other Neverborn, though they disagree with whichever of their colleagues is his sponsor, accord him the same rank, rights, and privileges as the other Deathlords. Though they long for the end of all creation, each of the Neverborn, to a greater or lesser degree, would also be pleased with the option to return to life instead. It must also be noted that the Neverborn are not the same sorts of beings as mortals are: they are, fundamentally different: being more like clouds of sapient charms that coalesce into shaped beings of their own accord. Death does not apply to them the way it does to mortals, even the Exalted, nor even the gods and Incarnae, they are, something else entire. For them, perhaps, death CAN be undone?

The Second Age

With the coming of The Great Contagion The Mocker was notably silent, but as the second age ran on he was not so inactive, looking to shelter and make use of the talents of the few solar anathema who had escaped the great purge and which he occasionally was able to keep away from the Wyld Hunt for a few months or even years...

The Time of Tumult


As with any other Deathlord The Mocker has several abyssal servants and many powerful ghosts besides, the most notable and salient are listed below.

Plans and Operations



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