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Oskilla, the Eggshell Sentry: Defining Soul of the Rent in the World-Cloth

To summon Oskilla, one must take the live egg of a bird. Any species of bird works, though certain First Age texts suggest the egg of a dove. The egg must be near hatching, though uncracked, and is placed within the summoning circle as the ritual begins. From the moment the ritual begins, a tapping begins inside the egg, and through the night, fractures in arcane patterns appear across the shell. At the last stroke of midnight, as the spell is completed, the shell cracks open, and for a brief moment, the chick inside may get a breath of fresh air, or a sight of the outisde world. But this is only momentary, as the shell immediately implodes, slicing the egg's previous tenant into tiny pieces, and in a tiny spurt of blood, the eggshell fragments multiply and grow into a vaguely humanoid form. Oskilla is approximately seven feet in height, and formed entirely out of white chips (this is an idiosyncrasy of the demon; be the egg brown, blue, or flecked, Oskilla's body will be washed bone-white in the blood of the fledgeling). The shards of the egg form three sets of lean, clawed limbs, a long, serpentine tail, thin razor wings, and jagged teeth. Despite this imposing visage, however, Oskilla is quite urbane, and can converse on a variety of topics. As Oskilla slithers and moves, the thousand fragments of eggshell grind against each other. While this does not ever result in noticeable cosmetic damage to the Sentry, he leaves a trail of white chips and powder. If an appreciable amount of this is gathered, ground finely, and mixed in the appropriate alchemical formulae, it becomes a powerful hallucinogen that leaves the recipient helpless as he sees shadows of all things that are, have yet to be, and never were. Oskilla is fastidiously clean, and pointing out the visible trail he leaves behind is a known (among his summoners) way to make him fall into a rage.