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Mnemon Darow Mistrala
Water Aspect Conniver
Played by Miharu / Gasaraki
The connections between Mnemon and Cathak tear Mistrala apart, as they have since her birth. Though her House encourages Cathak interactions and claim to be allies with the Cathaks, it schemes against the other House and hope to take it out of the running for the Scarlet Throne.
Mistrala and her sister were crucial to the arrangements. When Mistrala exalted into an Water Aspect, Mnemon sent her into the House of Bells. They bribed professors and set up other students to ensure that she learned all that she could, but it was unnecessary - Mistrala was a field commander by her nature.
When Mistrala graduated the school, the House brought her back. It introduced her to a sorceror named Zaribal and instilled her with a spell during which she was sedated for a day. They did not tell her the purpose of the spell, but within a month of the ceremony, they arranged her marriage to the Fire aspected Razaka Cainan Cathak.
Mistrala and Razaka fell in love, but the spell looms over them. They know it involves a warstrider construction project, and a powerful demon, but little more.
3 Parts Backstab Mnemon
3 Parts Demonstrider Project
3 Parts Fire and Water
2 Parts Duels in the West
2 Parts Loves Razaka
2 Parts Nobility
2 Parts Warstrider Pilot
1 Part Average to High Breeding
1 Part How Dark Can She Be
Blend with a high Temperance, sprinkle with Conviction and Valor...
Voila, it's Mistrala!