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Hi there and welcome to Dan's wiki page of doom!

Concerning the artifact list project:

It's all done, baby. Nicely formatted. Check it out, foo, it's the ArtifactList I'll get the missing artifacts onto the list as soon as I can.

Also, my Nexus map (which needs a bit of work... Bastion is too big and Firewander too small) can be found right over here

The Masses Spake:

Liar! ~ Qzujak49

Yeah. I lie like a FOX. Though if any of you know an easy way to format a list that huge on this site, feel free to let me know. ~ Megapope

Could you please post a link or url to this "huge" list so that we can try to help you format it. You can post off -site links as long as you only make one link per post. ~ Qzujak49
I can do better than that. I'll shove the whole lot on the Artifact page, unformatted. And you guys can just go nuts with it. I'm also willing to email it out to people on either Word or an Excel spreadsheet. ~ Megapope
Right. The list is up, but messy as hell. Go forth and be nuts with it. ~ Megapope
Thanks to Vampir, for cleaning that horrible mess up. Someone should have told me the coding was that easy! ~ Megapope

Did you make that map or get it from somewhere? And if you made it, what influenced you to create it the way you did?

I made the map myself, on Photoshop. Influences.. uhh. Hard to say, really. I wanted a map that looked cool? It's still not exactly in proportion the way I want it to be (at least the online one. The one I have yet to upload has it's districts more to my liking), but for the most part I think it turned out okay. The biggest debate with Nexus is whether the city lays to one side of, or straddles all sides of the three rivers. I made mine the way I did for ease of map reading, and because I think the rivers are too huge to have the city completely straddling them. ~ Megapope

Perhaps you want to have a look at Carl Bowen's "A day as dark as night", one of the exalted novels. It might not win the price for best fantasy novel or such, but it has quite a few descriptions of Nexus because the main character runs all over it. ~ MadFreddy