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A confederation of towns and cities in the south of the ScavengerLands. It is also known as the Trade Towns of Marukan.

The Marukani are renowned for their horses, described on p. 88 of Scavenger Sons.

Cities and Towns

  • Celeren The capital of the Alliance
  • Deren's Ford The site of a battle between Thorns and the Confederation of Rivers in 754.
  • Mishaka Site of the final defeat of Thorns in 754.

Known Exalted

  • Rhianna, Eclipse caste Solar; pp. 87-88 of Books/CasteBookEclipse.
  • The Mayhiros Clan, the Dragon-blooded clan that owns Celeren Manse and are the closest the Alliance gets to a ruling dynasty. (It's not very close.)

Gods and Spirits

  • Hiparkes The horse spirit who favors the Marukani.

Nearby Threats

Page references: Scavenger Sons, pp. 86-87.