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Hello. I came into Exalted because I thought they would get punked in the modern world in a discussion on RPGnet.

I stayed due to the inherent and enjoyable discussion of mechanics, setting, and customization that set the game apart.

This page is here to act as a place to share whatever thoughts and ideas I have that are Exalted related so I can get them critiqued and refined for general fun AND for small game I play online with two friends.


Martikhoras/ExaltedintheoWoD For what would life be like for Imbued and Kindred if the Chosen showed up. Mainly uses Hunter: the Reckoning for reference.
Martikhoras/CharmDevelopment I am often thinking up crazy powers for Solars. Especially for Brawl
Martikhoras/ArtifactsandInventions The proverbial drawing board of design
Martikhoras/EnvironmentalStudies Setting related thoughts and ideas, from region, time, and alternate takes or perspectives. Including editions.
Martikhoras/FlightsofFancy Exalted inspired fictional blurbs I feel like writing and sharing.


These pages should be in subpages from this page not in their own full out top-level pages. I put in an example one just to show you how it goes to make subpages. - BogMod

Thanks... Sorry - Martikhoras