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In the Kingdom of Roland there exists an elite fighting force. Training from a young age this group is impressive in that it produces mortal warriors with enlightened essence and a unique combat style. With gleaming sword and shield the act as champions on their own and should warfare demand it they band together to form elite units to break enemy formations. Created by the wandering warrior sage Wiseman this style is one of those styles suited not for the Exalted but instead for mortals. Designed for their use it provides ease of use at the cost of strength. Still against those who have no magic at all it is a decisive edge.

As a group the Gleaming Templars are a much beloved group. They often work as knight-errants within the Kingdom. Those who abuse their authority and reputation are dealt with by their fellows. By tradition every ten years the leading council of the Gleaming Templars is determined by a mix of votes and combat trials. Five chosen by vote and 5 by combat forming a council of ten which serves Roland's royalty and guides the group.

This style permits the use of straight swords, shields and armor.

Soak booster/ping reducer.

+3 damage and overwhelming of essence +1 for one attack.

Attack dice booster.

Form charm: makes an overdrive pool that generates motes through successful defenses. Overdrive pool can only power charms from this style.

permit a virtue channel even from inappropriate virtues.

Shield bash attack charm, causes stunning.

A limited defending each other boosting charm. Stacks up to 3 DV bonus.

Pinacle, basically hungry tiger technique