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Lunar Animal Mastery Charms by CrownedSun

Animal Mastery I

Empathic Communication Method

 Cost: 1 mote
 Duration: One turn
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Manipulation: 2
 Minimum Essence: 1
 Prerequisite Charms:  None

The Lunar Exalted have a natural rapport with animals that can develop in any number of ways. No Moons learn to speak the animal tongues and coax lore and wisdom (rough though it might be) from the animals, but other Lunars can more easily learn ways of getting their wishes and thoughts across to any animal they might cross paths with. This is accomplished through the grace and blessing of Gaia, which Lunars are connected to due to the close relationship of Gaia and her consort Luna.

This charm requires a turn's effort to start, but after it's been set into motion the effects are permanent as long as the Lunar remains in contact with the animal in question. More than a few weeks separation causes the bond to fade, and the charm will have to be used again. Unlike the No Moon charm "Feral Ears Metamorphosis", this charm is not very good for actual communication. The rats cannot tell you where the bum slept last night, and the birds will be unable to communicate with you about the caravan that passed through a few days ago -- even in general terms. Rather this charm creates an empathic link similar to the Familiar bond, allowing the lunar and the animal to "understand one another" to some degree. The link is a good degree stronger Lunar --> Animal than vice versa, but the exalt can tell what the animal is feeling and get a general idea of what it expects out of the relationship...if one develops! Without the use of further charms, this charm only allows empathy.

The Lunar will have to win friends with the animal on his own. This charm does give him a 'foot in the door', however. This charm is more effective when the Lunar is wearing an appropriate animal shape from his library, but is never as effective as the No Moon Charm (because animals do not communicate the same way that humans do; Feral Ears Metamorphosis does a lot of creative interpretation).

Beast Calling Howl

 Cost: 5 motes
 Duration: Indefinate
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Charisma: 3
 Minimum Essence: 2
 Prerequisite Charms:  Empathic Communication Method

The Lunar emits a quiet whisper, a loud whistle, or a roaring bellow that echoes across the wilderness. Humans that hear this sound find it somewhat disturbing and primal, but largely ignore it. Animals are much more strongly affected; they find their minds tickled with essence and curiosity, and almost always come to the Lunar fairly soon after hearing the sound. The Lunar can choose to affect a single species of animal, or up to his Essence rating in different types of animals. He then rolls his Charisma + Performance, comparing the successes to the willpower of the animals that hear the Lunar's charm-touched voice while the essence remains commited. If the Lunar gets more successes, the animal will come when it next gets a chance. If he rolls more than double the animal's willpower, the animal comes right away.

The animals converge on where the Lunar was when he made the Howl, but as long as the Lunar keeps the motes commited he may redirect the animals by making another howl. He need only make another roll to attract new animals; one's already following continue to do so until they reach him. The animals so called are not necessarily friendly to the Lunar, but are usually not hostile. They tend to exhibit exgerrated traits natural to their kind, so a cat might be playful, a deer shy, and a lion regal and proud.

Nameless Lunar Familiar Charm

 Cost:  10 motes, 1 willpower, 1 experience point
 Duration:  Instant
 Type:  Simple
 Minimum Charisma:  2
 Minimum Essence:  2
 Prerequisite Charms:  Empathic Communication Method

By staring into the eyes of an animal, a Lunar with this charm can bind them together with the spiritual essence of his patron, Luna, forming or strengthening a Familiar bond. Each time he invokes this charm, the Lunar gains a dot of the Familiar background, typically with a wild animal who is often a predator of some kind. He can use this charm to gain a dot of the Familiar background, or increase an alreacy existance Familiar by one dot. See the house rules for familiars (CrownedSun/Familiars).

The first dot of the familiar background costs an additional experience point if the animal is domesticated, and renders that animal wild and perhaps feral depending on the beasts nature (though still quite loyal to the Lunar in question). A Horse affected with this charm becomes wild and untamed, not accepting anyone but the Lunar unless specifically instructed otherwise. Lunar Exalted can purchase a total number of familiars (individual animals, of any point rating) equal to their permanent Essence. This does not include the possibility of the Lunar to develop a 'natural' familiar.

Animal Mastery II

Altered Charms from Canon

  • Beast Calming Method has a Minimum Essence of 2, and it's Prerequisite is Empathic Communication Method. See Exalted: the Lunars, page 189.
  • Pack-Forming Presence is unchanged, requiring Beast Calming Method.