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The Bureau of Destiny

The Division of Battles

  • Eashae rem Spai, Goddess of Broken Spears.

Eashae's domain is that of the vanquished warrior and the defeated army. She recieves the prayers of those begging to escape pursuing enemies, to return home safely and to inflict vengeance upon the victors. She is middle management in the Division of Battles.

The Bureau of Heaven

The Department of Abstract Matters

  • Sekishuhai, Heaven's Strategos, God of Strategy.

"A man resplendent in multicolored, transparent armor; his flesh, too, seemed to be crafted of crystal and adamant and within his hollow body, opaque clouds shifted and moved."

The Department of Celestial Concerns

  • Grejios, Outer Warden of the Vinsala Gate, a Celestial Lion.

Grejios is one of the guardians of the Heavenly Gateway located in the ruins of Vinsala (#12 on the map in E:tS). He is the Outer Warden, meaning he commonly watches the Creation-side of the gate.

The Bureau of Humanity

  • Plentimon of the Dice, God of Gamblers.

As described in Games of Divinity. (Note on semantics: Plentimon is really the God of Gambling, but God of Gamblers sounds much cooler and references a great Chow Yun-Fat movie.)

The Court of the Burning Horizon

  • Asha'anryu the Mount Enshrouded, Dragon Prince of the Court of the Burning Horizon, God of the Volcano Asha.

Asha'anryu, also called the Mount Enshrouded, is the god of the volcano Asha and the titular head of the Court of the Burning Horizon, a collection of earth, fire, sea and some humanity-related spirits native to the Central-Southwest. Asha itself is situated about 700 miles due south of Arjuf, on the coast of the Inner Sea.

Until very recently, Asha'anryu had been asleep. Six hundred years passed while Asha'anryu slumbered. His Court and the mortal inhabitants of the city Kiyasha, built on Asha's slopes, labored to keep the volcano god quiescent. The regular sacrifice of criminals and prisoners of war, in addition to ritual obesiences, made this task relatively easy. However, the recent intervention of the Sidereal Exalt Hikaru awoke The Mount Enshrouded, with predictably disasterous results for Kiyasha.

Asha'anryu's awakening has also caused a major shake-up in the Court of the Burning Horizon. The former city god of Kiyasha, Shah ibn Asha, once Regent of the Court during his father/master's repose, has now lost much of his former strength. Similiarly, other gods of the Court who relied upon mortal worship or commanded domains relating to humanity have fallen out of favor while the elementals of the court have waxed mighty.

Asha'anryu appears as an immense dragon formed from lava. His scales are hard black basalt and liquid fire seeps through the cracks as he shifts and moves. His eyes burn white-hot and molten rock constantly drips from them. His claws and fangs are all of solid diamond. His voice is the thunder of breaking rocks.

  • Shah ibn Asha, Lesser Terrestrial God

The child/servant of the volcano god Asha'anryu, Shah ibn Asha was, until recently, the god of the city Kiyasha. Kiyasha, however, was destroyed only two years ago when Asha'anryu awoke from his six-centuries slumber. The Chosen of Endings, Hikaru, was most directly responsible for the volcano's eruption and the subsequent destruction of Kiyaha, and so Shah ibn Asha regards that Sidereal with no small degree of hatred.

The Court of Masques

Upon the slopes of the sacred mountain Zangu, in the distant North, the Court of Masques makes its home. The Court is filled with spirits of illusion, trickery and deception. The God of Tricksters, Loh-ge Sky-Thief, the greatest trickster and illusionist of them all, rules the Court.

  • Loh-ge Sky-Thief, God of Tricksters.

"[Loh-ge] was wolf-headed with a human body, wearing a robe the color of the noontime sky, a blue so brilliant it was blinding; each of his hands had eight long fingers that moved with impossible grace." Loh-ge has abandoned his duties in the Bureau of Humanity to rule the Court of Masques in Creation. He is called "Sky-Thief" because he once stole the images of the Celestial Bodies from Creation's sky during the First Age; he put them back after a day and a night of chaos. He was punished by having four of his six arms cut off.


  • Shadi ibn Zalla, an Ifrit, formerly Curator of the Third Eternal Flame Burning in the Depths Unseen and Beyond Knowing. Ombudsman to Rook, a willing servant. The Binding of Shadi ibn Zalla