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Justicar of Midnight

An excerpt from chapter one of Difficulties in Translations, by Nellens Anila

As an example, take the Justicar of Midnight. This title is first mentioned in Hagiographies, which asserts that it had been in use since almost the beginning of the first age. At that point, like the other Justicar positions, it was a geographical responsibility. However, the records of the Deliberative suggest that it took on further responsibilities as time went on, mainly as an audit office for the activities of the Night Caste.

Later the post became associated with the Eight Immortalities Fellowship; then, as they fell out of favour, it lost the lands under its control, becoming a position linked only with espionage and similar subtle affairs.

The only reference we have after the Usurpation is a document detailing that the Dragon-Blood Haran had assumed this title for his duties as spymaster for the Shogunate. As a result of this shift in meaning, it is vitally important that we know the era of any document containing this term, and many others like it, before beginning translation.

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-- Senji