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Welcome to Labes' UserPage!

A little about me...

The name's Luke, though I keep trying to convince people to call me Labes even though it doesn't seem to work. I live in a small town in Ontario (Canada for all you who... don't know for some reason...) about half an hour outside Toronto. Not much goes on, so some freinds and I drifted towards tabletop roleplaying games, starting with V:tM and W:tA (even though i was the only werewolf, but they were quite surprised when the little 14 year old they all were making fun of went through his first-change and nearly ripped the appendages off a pair of the vampires). After that game we basically stopped playing, and it tapered off...

I recently have gotten addicted to Exalted. One of our number was pretty well obsessed with it, and kept trying to convince us to play, but we had a huge gun buff who refused to be a part of anything medieval... But now he's gone for another 8 months or so, and we've decided to take up the game. I've gotten my hands on a few books, namely the Corebook and Players Guide, and am reading through them and learning rules and the like. Various pages on the Wiki have been of use to me, both for interesting Charm use, and how to make various things. It seemed like a good idea to join the community here, that way I can get feedback on anything I design, without having to wait for a game to implement it in.

Thanks for taking the time to look in here, though there sn't anything interesting yet... - Labes

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