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I am an Exalted addict... thanks to TepetWoxa and another individual, whom I am not sure is on here. At any rate, I do a whole lot of writing and such, and have a couple spells that might be worth adding, anyway. Love to Woxa and all that fun stuff. Yay. I actually have a real website that has more information though most of it is random stuff and not Exalted related... there are a few Changeling stories on there, however. http:/ <-- That is my art site, check it out for fun and stuff! Whee!

On a more serious note, I am a creative writing major at Southern NH University and am in my Freshman/Sophomore year (I'm a transfer student, so it's all screwy). I'm a musician and a writer and an artist (as you might have guessed). Pretty much

Kesai/Nightcaste Here is the character who's name I used as a username.

Hello! Having fun with this? - TepetWoxa

It takes some getting used to, lover. -Kesai