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I am Kas

I can usually not be reached at kascoldone at gmail dot com, due to a lack of regular internet access
My google group at exalted hyphen pirates at googlegroups dot com, though I've rarely checked it in the last half year.
On the other hand, I can and do IM fairly frequently, at the moment, using kasentaddr on Y!IM, or, much more rarely, kascoldone on aim.
If you are in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, and want a game, let me know, though I don't promise to get back to people anytime soon...


As We Rise I am currently running a game with a group that I inherited from a friend who is going to university outside of easy commute range. We started with a D&D game, but I got bored with it, and the players didn't really seem too enchanted either, so I had them make Exalted characters (Heroic Mortals) on a lark. The experiment was a lot more popular than I thought (I feared that they would choke on the rule-set, but they largely seem to have gotten the idea), so we've continued on. I'm having a lot better time identifying challenges and story for these characters than I did for my "Pirates of a Godless Sky" game.

Pirates of a Godless Sky This game went on fairly long-term hiatus a few months back due to a lack of interest and inspiration on my part, and the pre-game set for Changeling: the Lost in the Cam. I started the Google Group mentioned above for it, but administration of that was just another burden. When I'll get back to either, I don't know...

Other Material

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Not Currently Invited...