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Hi! :D Um, I'm Kailan, editthis sucks so I'm moving here. I hang out on The Freedom Stone forums mostly, and I write and draw stuff. Sometimes I write crunch, though not terribly often because I don't think I'm terribly good at it. My favorite Solar caste is Night, and my favorite Exalt type is a pretty close tie between Sidereals and Dragon-Blooded.

This will be a lot more streamlined as I move things around, but for now everything goes here until I finish cleaning house.



JohannaTaroketu: Lookshy ranger turned Night Caste. Trickster musician. She was the first Exalted character I ever made.
RagaraDevira: Conniving White Veil practitioner and all-around rich bitch. Also a Night.
RinEhetere: Softspoken Exorcist!Twilight with a dark past.
MetztliAkilina: Full Moon kestrel Lunar for my friend's Apocalypse! Game. (We are all going to die. :D)
AmethystFerem: Bronze Faction raburabu magical-girl Chosen of Serenity, complete with song-fu martial arts and mad baking skills.
AdamantSilver: Iconoclastic rebel yellowsid. She has moonsilver tats, though that may or may not have been an excuse on her creator's part to draw nekkidsid. Shush.
NefvarinSana: Short-tempered mechanic/pilot/savant with a secret gushy center.
MidnightClarity: A court-astrologer's apprentice trapped in the decaying city of Thorns. Not a player character, but a test of my ronin Sidereal houserules and part of a joint writing project.


Sidfixes Project - 2e Sidereals wasn't... entirely updated, and there are some really wonky uneven effects that I'm working on. Also, altered ronin character generation.

Fiction and Art

  • Art - I have a DA site. Not that it gets updated often, because I'm lazy. Drawrinks!
  • Fiction - I write stuff. :D When I move it all over here, it shall be listed in this section, yesh.


I think I know you. -RakshaBoy

~ More than likely, if you frequent the chat. :o EDIT: Actually, it *is* more than likely, I see you know Mieu. XD -Kailan