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Pearlescent Courtesan's Robes
Artifact ••••
Silken Armor
5L/3B Mobility -0, Fatigue 0

Branwen found the Pearlescent Courtesan's Robes within her Manse, along with a strange book, detailing the Martial Arts style known as Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style. These robes were intended to be worn by those who practice the Style, and give benefits to only those who do.

The silk of the robe is made of the same material as the Silken Robe, giving the material incredible durability. It provides a soak of 5/3 to the wearer and does not count as armor. In addition to this, the garment can tailor itself to the wearer's desires, creating anything from a complete formal kimono with every single part to the most revealing and laciest lingure. The user is however limited in that the Hearthstone Socket must always be on the garment, though it may be concealed in any way the user can create. Also, the user is kept completely clean, and always smells of flowers, no matter where they have been.

However, the most devious part of the Prealescent Courtesan's Robes is that of the sleeves and other long accoutrements such as capes function as Orichalcum Serpant Sting Staves when wielded in combat, and can lengthen themselves out to Martial Arts x 5 yards (giving a +2 accuracy for such attacks).