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Name: Joyful Lotus (Faye Daen)
Player: Jydan
Caste: Serenity
Nature: Architect
Concept: Matchmaker
XP Left/Total: 2/2


Strength 2
Dexterity 3
Stamina 2
Charisma 3
Manipulation 4
Appearance 4
Perception 3
Intelligence 3
Wits 3


Ride 2
Thrown 4
<b>Craft 2
Dodge 4
Linguistics 3
Performance 2
Socialize 3
Presence 2
Investigation 2
Lore 3
Occult 2
Stealth 1
Athletics 2
Awareness 2
Bureaucracy 2
Martial Art 3
Medicine 2


Acquaintances 2 (Fina and the troupe of Tinkers)
Artifact 3 (Stardust dagger)
Celestial Manse 3 (Gem of Starlight, Gem of the Graceful Courtier)
Connections 2 (The Division of Serenity, Bureau of Destiny)
Familiar 5 (River Rose, Lesser Dragon who lost her river and sanity to the Wyld)
Salary 2
Sifu 3 (Her father WolfStar, Chosen of Mercury)


Compassion 3
Conviction 3
Temperance 2
Valor 1

Willpower: 6\\ Essence: 2\\ Essence pool: 11 Personal / 28 (6) Peripheral\\ Committed: 6


□    -0
□□   -1
□□   -2
□    -4
□    Incap


Ordained Bridle of Mercury
Willful Weapon Method
Elegant Patterns of Fate
World Shaping Artistic Vision (Matchmaking)
Compassionate Essence Resplendishment
Heart Brightening Presentation Style
Hot Eyed Snake Whispering
Shun the Smiling Lady
Auspicious Prospect for Serenity
Forgotten Earth
<i>Martial Art</i>
Air Dragon Sight


<i>Ewer 3
Lovers</b> 2
<b>Peacock</b> 2

<b>Gear and Equipment

Chain Shirt
Gem of Starlight
Gem of the Graceful Courtier
Stardust Dagger
Hearthstone Amulet


Base init: 6
Soak:      2(3)B/1(4)L/(4)A
Dodge:     7
Melee Stardust- Spd: 10, Acc: 10, Dmg: 4L, Def: 8
Thrown Stardust- Acc: 11, Dmg: 4L, Rte: 3, Rge: 30 yrds

Background Summary

Joyful Lotus, known as Faye Daen amongst her people, was born to an Aelisen mother and a man who they had adopted into their group. The man left the day Faye was born, gave her name to her, and left. It broke her mother’s heart, and therefore Faye and her mother were always close.\\ Faye grew into a sweet young girl, with strange dreams of sex and a strange place, the home of the Gods, she said. They disturbed everyone who learned of them, the strange little girl who knew things no little girl should know. She had a penchant for matchmaking, marrying all her dolls, the sheep, the oxen and the horses of the band of Tinkers, into strangely seeming happy relationships. There were so many sheep, horses and oxen that the group had to sell some of them. This was a strange joy, and the adults of the group shunned the little girl. The children enjoyed her games, playing at weddings for the new little children of the animals.\\ Faye had a crush on a boy, Jonas, and confessed it to her best friend Fina. Fina gave Faye her first kiss, and to Faye, it felt right. Faye’s hands explored her friend’s body, and they became lovers that night. When the moaning and screaming subsided, Fina’s mother discovered them, lying happily in each other’s arms. Faye was scolded, and the pair was separated, and Faye was assigned to the elder.\\ This did not stop Faye and Fina from coming together. Fina would find places for them to meet, and they would go away for hours at a time to be together. They promised that when they married, they would still be together, for they loved each other.\\ Faye’s wedding to Jonas was approaching quick, and her bride price was high, her indignity with Fina and her strangeness had raised it, despite how her betrothed felt. Faye was forced to go into the city they had been near, and whore herself. The young girl, never having lain with a man, set foot into the town, and came across a strange man, with yellow eyes and long golden hair. He was the spitting image of the portrait of her father, and he offered her a bag of rubies for the night. She accepted.\\ The man was skilled in bed, but even then, Faye did not enjoy it at all. Such a thing inside her felt wrong, and she longed for Fina’s soft skin. When the deed was done, and they lay in bed drinking wine, the man looked at her, “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you, my daughter, Faye.”\\ Faye stared at him, and dropped her wine glass. “How… How did you know my name? And… you? My father? Impossible! It has been 16 years, and you haven not aged a day!” He smiled. “You will understand.” His hand caressed her cheek. “I’m sorry, but this was the only way I could see you. I have to tell you something.”\\ Images played in Faye’s head, herself, resplendent in blue wedding silks, blue flowers in her hair. At the beginning of the wedding, the flowers began to wilt, and slowly she began to feel life flowing out of her, and as the wedding ended, she died, falling down onto her knees, and onto her back. Fina held her and cried, and was cast out of the band, to become a brothel girl and die horribly at the hands of a savage patron.. “This is what will come to pass, if you do not run from your wedding, for it is not your fate, my daughter.”\\ Faye blinked back tears. “But Fina... We promised!”\\ Her father smiled, star flecked eyes shining with fatherly love. “Some things are more important than promises, Faye Daen, you must run, or you will die.” He disappeared then, much to Faye’s surprise.\\ Faye’s wedding came, and she felt Saturn’s icy hand on her, but she ran, and as she hid in a hollow tree, Serenity came to her, and she knew she was Exalted. Fina came then, and after many tears, they spent one final night in each other’s arms before Faye’s father came and took her to Yu-Shan.\\ Happiness abandoned Faye soon after arrival in Yu-Shan. She would sit in her manse, and cry about her lost life, her love Fina. After her training, her father gave her a dagger, and she accepted it, she loved her father, but did not quite trust him, she hated him for what he had done, made her lose her Fina. The elder Sidereal put her on leave, until she could come to terms with her depression and her loss.


Joyful Lotus appears as a young woman with long, auburn hair falling about her shoulders in ringlets. About her forehead is a starmetal chain, from which hangs a blue Gem of Starlight. She tends to wear blue clothes, as it has always been her favourite colour, but has been known to wear the garb of tinkers, the strange, many-coloured dresses known for their swirling, sensual dances. On her hip is a sheathed dagger and around her neck is a blue dragon with scales the colour of saphires, which is her lover in her Dragon form.