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The deeds and history of the Solar Wind Fleet, as recorded by Laughing Thunder, scribe.

The story of the Fleet begins with the ship of Taiyo Kaizoku, Chosen of the Sun, Admiral of the Fleet, in Realm Year 768. Born a minor scion of the Scarlet Empire, he was Exalted by the Unconquered Sun and became a scourge of the sea against the Realm, earning the special hatred of House V'neef. Even in the dawning of his power, Lord Kaizoku was a cunning pirate and charismatic leader; his men in those days called him the master of ten thousand plans.

In his early travels, he was joined by the Solar Exalted called Monkey, a laughing warrior without fear or restraint, skilled in unarmed combat. Shortly after Lord Monkey joined Lord Kaizoku's crew, they made a daring raid within sight of the Blessed Isle itself. They fled across the Inner Sea with their plunder, pursued by triremes of House V'neef, and made landfall in their mortally wounded ship on the shore south of Lookshy.