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Being the repository of all non-mechanical ideas and notes of the character Monkey.
(This is mainly to organize my thoughts.)

Playing style:
Monkey should be played like this:

  • Action Now! Plan Later!
  • Talk is good. Especially Monkey's doing the talking. If it's someone else, it's boring, unless the talker's a good looking woman.
  • All else being equal, claim the tallest place.
  • "I am the greatest fighter in Creation" (admit equals, but none better)
  • On the other hand, mechanically Monkey isn't very good at offense. Creatively get around this using acrobatics, bombastics, and other schticks.
  • Master Jaff! Must remember to use Master Jaff more! All the time!
  • Interpret orders and requests creatively, but do accomplish the general intention. In other word, if asked to do X, do X'. But don't do something totally Y or Z. (the "don't spoil the other players' fun" clause.)
  • Try to get in trouble, but nothing that you can't get out of. Also don't drag the other PCs into trouble. (again, the the "don't spoil the other players' fun" clause.)

Plot hooks: (Yes, Jesse, this is for you!)

  • Still Moon, Monkey's look-alike, is still running around undoubtedly making waves somewhere else in Creation. Eventually the ripples will find Monkey.
  • "When next we meet, it shall be as friends." - mutual oath with Ambassador To The Unfortunate, a Moonshadow Abyssal.
  • The term of the "contract" with Kaizoku is nearing the end. The issue will have to be addressed sooner or later.
  • The old man who gave Master Jaff to Monkey. What's up with him?

More later.