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The Seventh Legion Naval Forces are probably going to be the main interaction the PCs inJesseLowe/PirateMonkey have with Lookshy, so... gotta develop them a wee bit more.

Page references: Exalted: The Outcaste page 41, Savage Seas pages 79-80.


The navy is 279 ships strong. It's commanded by Admiral Sirel Sogrun, whose rank is probably equivalent to a taimyo.

For my purposes, it's got numbers thus:

  • 1 First age heavy warship
  • 4 First Age light warships
  • 14 trireme tenders
  • 82 triremes
  • 110 biremes
  • 10 large yachts (set up as fast command or raiding vessels)
  • 20 coastal traders (rigged for troop carrying or supply carrying)
  • 30 fast couriers
  • 8 blue-water merchants (rigged for troop carrying)

The Seventh Legion Naval Forces Special Reconnaissance Service

Commanded by Kazei Okita Gidayu, the Special Reconnaissance Service (generally just called the S.R.S.) is a special unit of highly trained marines and sailors who perform naval special operations. They act as a cross between the rangers and the dragon warriors, with an aquatic slant. The S.R.S. is composed mostly of heroic mortals and DragonBlooded (often Water or Air aspect).


The S.R.S. is divided into three squadrons, Orca, Siaka, and River Dragon. Orca squadron specializes in blitzkrieg-style naval warfare, Siaka squadron in amphibious strikes, and River Dragon in amphibious espionage and sabotage. If the entire squadron is called up for an operation, River Dragon will scout the target first, Orca will clear the waters around of enemies, and Siaka will lead the charge to shore.

Ships and Equipment

The S.R.S. usually has the following ships available:

  • A full bireme squadron of 5 ships
  • One blue-water merchant
  • 2 large yachts
  • 4 coastal traders
  • 10 fast couriers

All of the ships are unusually heavily armed.

Equipment used varies by mission, but dragon armor is often used, as is ashigaru armor. Warstriders are right out -- if a mission needs that kind of firepower, the S.R.S. is almost invariably working with one of the Field Forces.

Orca Squadron

Commanded by Shozei Teresu Kado, Orca Squadron is currently tasked with rounding up ships for the evacuation of Celeren. Ordinarily this task would be beneath Orca Squadron's dignity, but since the entire fleet is being pressed into it...

Ships and Men

  • 2 large yachts (Long Tooth and Deep Tooth)
  • 4 fast couriers (Fluke, Albatross, Crane, and Swan
  • 2 scales of marines.