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The repository of lore for a nomadic people, the Library of Naht Imsah is carved into the cliffs of a sacred site. Thousands of years of history, lore, myth, tales, and magic are inscribed hundreds of feet high on the rock face, with the oldest records at the bottom of the rock and the newest at the top. (Older records are rumored to be buried in the detritus at the base of the cliff.)

A spider's web of ropes and catwalks stretch across the Library, providing access to the lore for sages.

Every seven years, there is a gathering of the clans at the foot of the Library. Young shamans recite the lore and old shamans record their knowledge upon the cliffs. Meanwhile, the clans exchange spouses, trade, settle old feuds and start new ones. After seven days, the clans go their separate ways again, while a few chosen shamans stay to guard the Library and train young apprentices.


Needs some details, perhaps where in Creation it is. I like the idea though. -BogMod