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Kulin Harrid

Description:Kulin is of very slender build, and stands straight and tall. Since his dull, ashen skin tends to draw the attention of everyone around him, Kulin wears a simple cloak, buttoned from his neck to his knees, and when outside, a hood to cover his smooth head.
Played By:RKmase
Caste: Twilight

Nature: Survivor

Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3
Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 4, Wits 4

Dawn: Archery 0, *Brawl 5, Martial Arts 0, Melee 0, Thrown 0
Zenith: *Endurance 1, Performance 0, Presence 0, *Resistance 1, Survival 1
Twilight: *Crafts 1, *Investigation 2, *Lore 2, *Medicine 3, *Occult 4
Night: *Athletics 3, Awareness 1, *Dodge 5, Larceny 0, Stealth 0
Eclipse: Bureaucracy 0, Linguistics 1 (Forest-Tongue, Riverspeak), Ride 1, Sail 1, Socialize 0
Note: * = Caste or Favored skill.

Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 3, Temperance 2, Valor 2

Backgrounds: Artifact 2, Contacts 2, Manse 2, Resources 3, Mentor 4

Willpower: 7
Virtue Flaw:Inescapable Guilt
Limit: O O O O O O O O O O

Essence: 4
Essence Pool: 19 (Personal)/44 (Peripheral) (0 peripheral committed)

Flaws: Unusual Appearance (Ashen gray skin; +2 background points)

Anima Effects:


  • Brawl
    • Ferocious Jab
    • Thunderclap Rush Attack
  • Dodge
    • Reed in the Wind
    • Shadow Over Water
  • Occult
    • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
    • Celestrial Circle Sorcery
  • Medicine
    • Body-Mending Meditation
    • Flawless Diagnosis Technique


  • Emerald (Terrestrial) Circle
    • Emerald Countermagic
    • Demon of the First Circle (4 demons known)
    • Wood Dragon's Claw
  • Sapphire (Celestial) Circle
    • Incomparable Body Arsenal
    • Hidden Judges of the Secret Flame

Equipment: Orichalcum hearthstone bracers, notebook and pencil (for taking names), pack chewing gum (empty), can of whoop-ass, , cigar (for afterwards)

Base Initiative: 8
Clinch: Speed 2, Accuracy 9, Damage 4B piercing, Defense 9, Rate 1
Fists: Speed 8, Accuracy 10, Damage 4B, Defense 11, Rate 5
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 10, Damage 7B, Defense 6, Rate 3
Dodge: 15, Soak: 11B/9L/0A (Perronelle, +8B/8L), Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4 Incapacitated

Under the effects of Incomparable Body Arsenal:
4 hours duration; Strength 4, Stamina 5; immune to poison, heat, and cold; need not breathe
Base Initiative: 8
Attack: Speed 18, Accuracy 10, Damage 12L, Defense 9, Rate 5, Range 4 yards
Clinch: Speed 2, Accuracy 9, Damage 14L piercing, Defense 9, Rate 1
Dodge: 15, Soak: 23B/20L/0A (Perronelle, +8B/+8L, IBA +10B/+10L, hardness 10B/10L), Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4 Incapacitated

Character Description & Backstory


Kulin is of very slender build, and stands straight and tall. Since his dull, ashen skin tends to draw the attention of everyone around him, Kulin wears a simple cloak, buttoned from his neck to his knees, and when outside, a hood to cover his smooth head.

Height- 6'3"
Weight- 190lbs.
Hair- None
Eyes- Blue


Kulin’s mother was a nomad, traveling through and around the Glitter-Flame desert with a caravan of no more than one hundred people; or so he remembered. If he thought hard enough, he could remember - her hair was as black as the perilous night, and her skin was as yellow as the sand. Or perhaps it was all in his mind.

Kulin was left by a well in a small town north of the desert. He often tried to rationalize his mother’s decision. He was, of course, one more mouth to feed, or she might have known he would find a better life here. No matter what story he came up with, the pain never subsided.

Most of his memory was a blank from the time of being abandoned to living in an orphanage in an oasis town. Eight years of nothingness.

The nothingness ended the night Kulin’s orphanage was engulfed in a mysterious blaze. Kulin couldn’t hear for the roaring of the flames and the screaming of the children. Flames licked his yellow skin and singed his golden hair. Feeling his way through the inferno, the voices around him began to die out. He was alone. Rafters and beams fell around him, walls crumbled. The fire raged, but Kulin no longer noticed. He shambled forward, his eyes blurry with the tears of being abandoned again. The floor collapsed underneath Kulin and he fell into the inferno of the lower level. The grinning, charred remains of the orphanage master broke his fall. Kulin was at the center of a bonfire. With the rest of his strength, he stood and screamed with all the pain and anguish he had been saving for those eight long years.

Kulin screamed until he collapsed. The scream flew from his mouth like an icy northern wind, swirled around his gray charred body, and with the force of a ton of gunpowder, shattered the flaming orphanage.

Kulin’s body was sprawled in the cool blue light of the moon. Not even a trace of smoke remained of the fire that almost took his life.

This is the night Kulin believes he was chosen by the gods.

After the fire, Kulin appearance was changed dramatically. For the heat and flame, Kulin escaped without a scar, but his yellow desert skin was a dull gray, forever stained by the ash of the abandoned children. His golden hair was taken from him, as was the hair on his arms and legs.

Kulin would wake screaming in the night. He could feel the weight of the dead children on his chest. Eventually, Kulin realized that his memories gave him strength. He had survived.

By the age of 16, Kulin had taken to the shops and streets of Tiraktou, learning simple carpentry and making a fair wage with wagon and furniture repair. It was a simple life, but one that Kulin did not mind.

Kulin kept to himself, still wary of those that could abandon him once more.

It wasn’t until Kulin met Ginsho that things finally changed. On a hot and blustery day, a small caravan passed through, in need of some simple repairs. Ginsho was simply passing through. He was quiet like Kulin, which Kulin immediately liked… but there was something else about him.


After observing his ashen skin, and hearing of the orphanage and Kulin’s past, Ginsho offered to teach him, to shape (what he said) was a growing energy inside of Kulin.

The journey to the east was long and difficult. Kulin fell ill only one week into the travels. His body wasted away, and the sickness spread through his mind, infecting his dreams, and changing his thoughts.

Ginsho did all he could to comfort Kulin. He taught Kulin how to make a salve to ease his sleep, and how to concoct a powder for his pain. Even through sickness, Kulin absorbed all of the knowledge he could. He felt that there was power in his knowledge.

Coming down the Summer Mountain Range, Kulin’s weak legs missed a step. He fell over a cliff’s edge and landed far below with a sickening crack.

Ginsho, not able to reach Kulin, lowered down food and water. He never for a second thought Kulin was dead. Ginsho waited for three days and three nights before finally leaving Kulin at the bottom of the ravine.

The sickness had saved Kulin. His weak body left him with no urge to fight the fall, and his rag-doll body struck the earth without breaking a bone. In the death-like sleep at the bottom of the ravine, the sickness faded and his soul became stronger. The brisk wind of the night finally stirred Kulin awake.

Kulin finally managed to find his way out of the ravine, and made his trip towards Greyfalls alone. He realized the sickness had changed him. His mind was clear of worry, regret and remorse. The sickness had devoured his fears.

Ginsho brought Kulin into his family. The Cult of the Illuminated treated Kulin with a respect he had never known. Years passed, and Kulin became a pupil, never leaving Ginsho’s side. Kulin’s abilities were growing, and Ginsho approved.

While Kulin’s body was always weak, his mind remained focused and sharp.

Ginsho and Kulin did not always see eye to eye, but what they lacked in shared views, they made up for in pure respect.


Kulin has a pair of orichalcum hearthstone bracers, a gift from Ginsho.


Through the Cult of the Illuminated, Kulin has two trusted contacts. Details to follow.


Kulin is attuned to Greyhold (Wood 2), and bears the Hearthstone: Quartz of Life’s Eye.

Experience Log

Total / Unspent XP: 12/1

6.25.05 - Added Awareness (1)
6.25.05 - Added "Hidden Judges of the Secret Flame"