Iselsi Daxun

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Name:Iselsi Daxun\\ Player: Fiat\\ Caste: Secret\\ Nature: Survivor\\ Concept: Iselsi Bugger\\ XP Left/Total: 3/3


Strength 2
Dexterity 5
Stamina 2
Charisma 4
Manipulation 3
Appearance 4
Perception 2
Intelligence 2
Wits 3


Endurance 1
Ride 2
Dodge 2
Linguistics 3
Performance 3
<b>Socialize 5
Melee 4
Presence 1
Resistance 1
Investigation 3
Larceny 3
Lore 3
Occult 2
Stealth 3
Athletics 1
Awareness 3
Bureaucracy 2
Martial Art 5


Acquaintances 3 (The small group of Iselsi he shelters and supports)
Celestial Manse 3 (Aquamarine of Belated Essence)
Connections 2 (Division of Endings)
Connections 2 (The Realm)
Salary 3
Artifact 3 (Whatever stuff from the Spider story I manage to work out.)
Sifu 2
Allies 3 (1 experienced Wood Aspect, Iselsi Miela. One just exalted Earth Aspect, Iselsi Andisheh.)


Compassion 1
Conviction 3
Temperance 3
Valor 2

Willpower: 6\\ Essence: 2\\ Essence pool: 11 Personal / 28 (6) Peripheral\\ Committed: 6


□    -0
□□   -1
□□   -2
□    -4
□    Incap


Martial Arts
Curling Dragon Movement
Blinding Dragon Grasp
Effortless Weapon Snatching Technique
Ordained Bridle of Mercury
Favorable Inflection Procedure
Stern Essence Replenishment
Hot-Eyed Snake Whispering
Impeding the Flow
Creation Smuggling Procedures
Sidereal Shell Games
Systematic Understanding of Everything
The Methodology of Secrets


Ewer 1
Lovers 2
Shield 1
Mask 2
Sorcerer 1

Gear and Equipment Fashionable clothing in green, black, and rare bits of blue, ebon prayer strip case inlaid with an Old Realm prayer in copper. Sleeping draught for quick catnaps, paired silver flasks, one with caffienated drink, the other alcoholic. Small pouch to keep small fragile things in. Tends to carry an ornate weapon, possibly exceptional, but mostly to accessorize/allow desperate impeding the flows.


Base init: ?
Soak:      ?(?)B/?(?)L/(?)A
Dodge:     ?
Melee - Spd: ?, Acc: ?, Dmg: ?L, Def: ?

Background Summary

Secrets document 867539, datafile on Daxun, Iselsi.

The man himself

Description: He is a young male, slightly above average in height, average weight. He shows the eyes of the Secrets caste, in a very pale, icy green. Hair is black, and usually kept long, but tied back. Right handed, though often accepting the disadvantage of the left. He changes his clothing style rapidly, tending to blacks and greens with flaring accents and hidden details in the long run.

Personality: Wildly variable, depending on the group around him. Often exhibits extreme behavior to both poles, though for public appearance keeping it under tight rein. No real hobbies that last, however displays passion for many different goals or ideals before they burn themselves out. Certain patterns retain, however, including a willing to immediately detach from failed experiments or plans. Extrapolations from this: Between a tendancy to pull through almost every challenge rapidly and his dismissal of things that do not work, we can safely assume he fears failure.

History: Born Iselsi Daxun, his mother (Iselsi Juvela) was rogue, and not a part of either the Order or Eye. His father is unknown to him, but he has cynically decided it was a high-breeding Blooded. He would be correct. At 16, he Exalted during an attempt to garner an artifact from the household of one of his mother's socialite acquaintances. It is an experience, that when asked, he only referred to as "disconcerting", comparing it to suddenly finding yourself naked on a rooftop. He returned to her, only to find her missing, and a Blooded he did not know knocking on the door. He fled the agents of the Bureau, staying close with essence spending blooded until eventually approached later by A sid without Resplendant destiny. Things were explained, and he accepted training.

Fighting Style: He generally uses a set of soft counters and throws, locking opponents into holds while he waits for help to arrive. At times, this changes, and he unleashes a furious barrage of hard, direct strikes, snapping limbs and tearing great rents in his opponents, mindless of the damage he takes. "There are two ways to whisper. One is to be almost silent. The other is to create such a great roar that normal actions pale before it."

Dealings with Creation

Iselsi Miela: The experienced blooded of the two. Tell is floral scent around her. Somewhat retiring, tends towards the emotional side of things, and runs the household. She enjoys watching the various denizens of Yu-shan, and has on occaision worked with him, striking with poisoned arrows from cover in the literal and metaphorical sense.

Iselsi Andisheh: The younger of the two, earth aspected crafter. He runs the creation side of things, ensuring the safety of the known Iselsi at large. MOre cold and logical, they work together on minor artifacts, and many clockwork items from andisheh reside in his manse.

Acquaintances: The iselsi he assists.

Crosslinked datafile 941734

Once, there was a spider. A pattern spider. An August Weaver, a Grandfather Spider. And once, there may have been a Sidereal. The spider was a creature of destiny, a creature of duty, and thus was the thread of its life. But not all trains stay on the tracks, and not all rivers run their course, and so it was that the spider left the loom, seeking something that it did not know, for it was no longer pleasant to sit and weave. It traveled the five corners of creation, marveling in the results of its work, and it was content. But the world was not serene, and thus it was that a Sidereal may have set upon the spider, seeking the weaving of fate for himself. It is not known, for this is not the Sidereal's story.

Once, there was a battle, a struggle out in the world of Creation. The spider was a hunter of flaws, not a hunter of man or beast. It was not strong, but destiny answered its call, and strove against the foe. It is not known who, it is not known why, or how, but a blow was struck that rent the spider from the world. In the looms of fate, there was a great wail with one voice, and the loom shook, and for four days and nights the world had no destiny, as the spiders mourned their fallen.

Once, there was a failure, for the spider would not, could not, and did not vanish when it was slain. It was survived by an eye, for what it had yet to see. A fang, for what it had yet to bite. A web, for what it had yet to capture. A shell, for what it had yet to guard. And a story, for what it had yet to tell. And so it was that these items were returned, and remade, chasing them with starmetal and moonsilver, stones and diagrams precious to his college, and these were displayed late on the fifth day, and thus did the spiders relent, returning to their weaving again.

In light of this, this story, and these artifacts are made available to every Sidereal who needs them, in the hopes that they may find the undone, and bring this story to an end.

Appendix: Recently, the number of artifacts has dropped, as the eye has disappeared. There is a worrying rumor, and one that the spiders will not speak of. It is said in the dark halls of the city of heaven that the eye has seen its final image, and that it was the world leaving it all behind.

Manse : The Hearthstone allows a single charm to be paid for and stored in the stone, to be activated later. The gem itself is a light blue sphere, with a liquid center, slowly shifting in color and thickness. Upon having a charm set into it, part of the liquid crystallizes in an arcane pattern, spinning within the liquid and sending small flashes of light where it contacts the orb. One wih a lot of occult and too much time on their hands could watch the flashes and discern the charm\\ Basically, the Manse uses a natural fractal design to delay the flow of essence through the manse. It's a charged place, due to the repeating of the geomantic proportions, but it has to flow through a nigh endless series of delaying channels, giving the hearthstone that same focus.\\ In design, it's a long, low house on a hill, near the estates of a god of the hunt. Nice long road leading up to it that loops back on itself as it heads up the hill. Fountains and gardens tended by mechanical constructions half-hidden from the outside, lots of glass and mirrors.