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In rereading ReaderCentricDesign, I realized that items on individual pages is not a minimum condition for it. The minimum condition is individual references. That is, there can be many items on a given page, as long as it is possible to link directly to them from other pages. This is possible with interpage linking, which allows a web link to target a specific section of a page, provided that section is marked in a special way.

Interpage linking is trivial to accomplish with raw HTML, as you can embed named anchors on pages with <a name="anchorname"> tags. If a page like foo has such a tag in a section, then a URL containing foo#anchorname will lead right to this section.

Fortunately, now that UseModWiki has been ditched, this type of linking is quite simple. Any time you use a section header in a page, MediaWiki software automatically creates a named anchor for it (with the name set to the text of the header). Further, the linking markup contains a shorthand for linking to these anchors.

For example, the ReaderCentricDesign page contains sections, including one called "Going Forward" section. Any of the following will link directly to that section:

[[ReaderCentricDesign#Going Forward]] -> ReaderCentricDesign#Going Forward
[[ReaderCentricDesign#Going Forward|how to go forward]] -> how to go forward