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Just got into Exalted basically. Plan on running a large campaign called 'Shadows of the Scarlet Prophecy' soon, on many fronts. One of which may be here, in fact.

And will be running a fun little campaign on here. Right on the Wiki, using the Wiki itself, soon.

Further, plan on some rules ideas that may be interesting to see, or has potential at least.


  • Tepet Li Tuau - A Sidereal Bronze Faction that acts as a Doctor. This Chosen of Endings plans to destroy the cancer both inside of people and cancer that is people themselves, such as the wicked and corrupt.


  • Mandates of Malfeasance - A campaign I thought of specially for this Wiki. Designed to use the Wiki environment itself as part of the campaign, it's a Sidereal game based in Yu-Shan with no definite ending. And allows people to join or leave as they wish, all designed to create a nice collaborative story together.