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Bog Mod, the Swamp of Lost Things, puts his charms here when he decides to work on them.

Imperfection of the Swamp of Lost Things

It is in the nature of Bog Mod to stubbornly follow his interests. They change in time and he leaves his half finished works to get back to later even if he never does. Because of this those charms noted as having the Imperfection of the Swamp of Lost Things will not work against things the character has a positive intimacy towards and always works against things the character has negative intimacies towards. If a character does not have at least half their maximum intimacies devoted to positive intimacies this charm can not be activated. If the character has a positive and negative intimacy that would apply the character can use the charm it is only fair after all.


First Bog Mod Excellency – Essence Overwhelming
Cost: 1m per die; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Reflexive(Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for defender)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: None

The Swamp of Lost Things is inquisitive and curious. He examines everything but only obsesses with one thing at a time until something new takes his attention and leaves things half finished. He is fair even when that would work against him. His anger is slow to build and fades slowly. His heart is logical without being constrained. He never forgets and will share what he has drawn into himself freely only to draw those he has shared with in as well. He is a social creature that seeks amusement and stimulation. He treats his enemies as puzzles until his cool is broken. He has high opinions of himself.

Characters may apply this charm to any actions they have considered carefully. Bog Mod's Excellency can also be used be a neutral party though his fairness is always a self-determined kind. New uses of old orders are pleasing to the Swamp of Lost Things. It can not help with completing long term projects but helps in advancing them and in solving immidiate problems. This charm aids in any action to make oneself comfortable or make friends. This Excellency can not help a person with random whims but can help them improvised ideas. Finally the Charm will not assist a character in resisting serious long term hardship unless they are turning from their path to follow something new.

Bog Mod Mythos Exultant
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: First Bog Mod Excellency

The Swamp of Lost Things has his obsessions and curiosities. The next stunt doing the same kind of action as the one before gets an additional die. A Storyteller should be strict if a player tries to count the same action for this effect when its only loosely the same. A flurry one turn with a sword followed by a flurry the next turn with a sword should count but a flurried sword attack followed by a flurry archery attack or even a single sword attack should not.


Obsessive Grasp
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None

The Swamp of Lost Things catches all who he brings his attention to. Wether it is one or a hundred they find themselves mired in the murk. This charm permenantly enhances the Rate of the Infernal's clinch attacks by 2. The infernal can buy this charm again at essence 3 to reduce the speed of the Clinch to 5 and buy it again at essence 4 to make Clinch damage ignore soak completely.

Endless Hungry Reach
Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Obvious
Duration: Until broken
Prerequisite Charms: Obsessive Grasp

Bog Mod is always seeking new things to feed his interest and if those things will not come to him he will reach out and pull them to him. The Infernal can supplement a Clinch attack with this charm to give it a range of Essence*2 yards. On a successful Clinch the targert is held in place as swampy murk binds their body and limbs while the Infernal is free to move and act how they want. The clinch lasts until the Infernal ends it or the target breaks free.

All Swamp Terrain
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permenant
Keywords: Obvious
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Endless Hungry Reach

This charm extends the Infernals use of Endless Hungry Reach to Essence*10 yards. Furthermore the grasp is particularly entraping and any stunt or action that the trapped person uses to do something while in the clinch aside from try to escape it takes an external penalty of 3 to it.

Flowing Swamp Defense
Cost: 4m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequisitie Charms: Obsessive Grasp

When you move through the murk of a swamp grass and water will let you pass. When you dredge up muck with your steps it all flows back and settles how it was. Imbued with essence so to is the flesh of the Green Sun Prince. Wether being sliced into by a blade or crushed by a hammer the Infernal just flows around to take it. This charm is a perfect dodge against attacks that may normally be dodged. It does not work against Environmental effects. A second purchase of this charm at essence 3 upgrades it to work against undodgeable attacks as well as environmental effects. This charm suffers from the Imperfection of the Swamp of Lost Things.

Sorrows of Lost Chances
Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Reflesive
Keywords: Counterattack, Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Flowing Swamp Defense

Life is full of choices. For lesser creatures making one choice means giving up another choice. Once the Yozi were not so limited. Though they now must to some degree suffer from that they can at least decide what choices their enemies must make. When attacked and this charm is used the attacker instinctively knows they have a choice to make now. If they chose to continue their attack then they are assured a hit as if the Infernal had a DV of 0. However the Infernal's counterattack is assured a hit as well. If they chose to not continue their attack then they do not hit the Infernal. An Infernal using this charm can not use any charm which reduces damage to 0 or lets them perfectly parry or dodge attacks. They can have a large soak but they must take the hit and risk its damage. The attacker also can not apply charms which reduce the damage to 0 or use a perfect dodge or parry against the attack. They had their chance to make a choice and must live with the consequences...or perhaps die by the consequences.

Clutch of Dark Grass
Cost: 4m/reduction; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious, Shaping
Duration: One scene
Prerequisite Charms: Obsessive Grasp

Once that which became the Swamp of Lost Things flirted with the River of Torments before it left him and he mourns that time and now is loathe to let anything escape his grasp until his interest wanes any longer. Dark grass reaches out and entwines itself slowly making it harder to get anywhere. Spending four motes the Infernal causes all those he wishes within Essence * 3 yards of him to have all forms of their movement reduced by a multiple of 2. The infernal can spend more then four motes on this with each additional four motes increasing the multiple by 1.

Killing Interest
Cost: 3m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious, Crippling
Duration: Essence turns
Prerequisite Charms: Clutch of Dark Grass

Pulled under there is no air to breath. The murk and mud surround and provide nothing to grab to pull yourself to freedom. There is only a pressure all around until death or by miracle escape. The Infernal makes an unparryable attack against a target. Once he hits his target the crushing begins. The first turn after a hit the target gets inflicts a 1 die of lethal damage to the target and gives them an external penalty to all actions they take and to their DVs by 1. The second turn does 2 dice of damage and increases the penalty to 2. This continues until a number of turns passes equal to the Infernal's Essence passes. The turn after wards the external penalties go away though the damage remains. The Infernal must pay 3m each turn after the first though to keep the effect going which allows them to be merciful.

Darkest Fruits of Attention
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 4; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Training
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Killing Interest

Death and disollution is an escape from the Swamp of Lost Things clutches...if you are lucky. Yet even those who escape leave something important behind. Anytime a person dies while under the effects of Killing Interest the Green Sun Prince gains momentary insight into all they know. From this they can draw out and keep a single fact. A password, the location of a home, a name, a fond memory of a friend or more. Mechanically if the Infenal doesn't want those sorts of facts they can learn a Sorcerous spell or charm they don't know and the target does that they could normally learn and gain it as a training effect. Or they could raise an ability they had lower then the person by a point as a training effect.

Knee Deep
Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 2; Type:</p> Supplemental
Combo-OK, Crippling, Stackable
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Obsessive Grasp

Kimbery may be without a bottom but you can walk through the Swamp of Lost Things in places where it is not so bad. Not quick but not bad. Attacks supplemented by this charm if they hit or are blocked with a parry slow down the returning strikes. Each use of this charm that isn't dodged gives the target a 1 point speed penalty to their attacks. This effect can stack a number of times equal to the Infernals Essence. Each time the target refreshes their DV they reduce the penalty on their attack speeds by 1. A targets speed can be no more then doubled.

Waist Deep
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Crippling, Stackable
Duration: Permanent
Prerequistite Charms: Knee Deep

Moving deeper to the center and things get deeper to move through. This charm enhances Knee Deep. Now the Infernal can inflict penalties to rate as well as to their speed. Their rate can not be reduced past one from this charm. Uses spent to reduce speed do not count against uses spent to reduce rate. Rate is regained at the same rate as speed is but a target must choose which they wish to get a point back of.

Singular War Obsessions
Cost: 5m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Simple
Keywords: None
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite Charms: Any Bog Mod Excellency

The focus of ones obsessions is a double edged weapon. Against the target of your interest there can be no defense while the tunnel vision of such interest blinds one to the dangers of everything else. When the Infernal activates this charm they pick one person in their field of vision. All actions they take against that target enjoy a bonus of two successes while all actions the target takes against them suffer an external penalty of two.

First Learny charm. Perm diff reducer to aware/inv rolls. Repeat Purchases?

Second Learny Charm. AESS. Builds off 1st.

3rd Learny Charm. Tracking charm. Builds off 1st.

4th Learny Charm. Bonus to learning via ruining things. Builds off 1st Learny.

5th Learny. Research boost. Builds off 1st.

6th Learny. Track booster. No longer require trails or even limit tracking to people. Need intimacy to thing being tracked. Builds off 5th and 3rd.

1st Social. Increases number of intimacies allowed.

2nd Social. Friend maker. Builds off first.

3rd Social. Intimacy protector. Permanent. Makes intimacies boost MDV by 2 instead of one when attacked or going against. Builds off 1st social.

4th Social. Social Perfect. Builds off first social.

5th Social. Social Obssesser. Gives instant intimacy to something and bonus when pursuing that. Can change an allready existant intimacy to another. Builds off 3rd.

1st Experimenty. Reroll a dice roll based on the idea of trying new angles rather then failures. Builds off first excellency.

2nd Experimenty. Gear stats modifier. Builds off 1s Experimenty.

3rd Experimenty. Craft booster. Can not finish projects unless project is a modification of an existing object or a new use of existing idea or a copy of an allready existant design. Examples would be designing a very short range essence weapon rather then typical sorts which have a long attack, making a normal daiklaive, or altering an allready built daiklaive into something different. Builds off first Experimenty.

4th Experimenty. Exalt imitator. Group of charms that turns the Infernal into a hybrid. Obvious changing effects to the Infernal with unique bonuses for each type imitaded. Builds off 1st and 2nd.

Bog Mod Sorcery