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Dramatis Personae

A quick-and-dirty guide to the array of characters associated with Sapphire's Circle. Draft version.

Main Characters

TremblingIkselam/Quail - a timid archivist/berserker, Twilight Caste\\ <bIkselam/Fox</b> - a cynical young thief, Night Caste\\ Min ShanIkselam/Yieng - an idealistic young priestess, Dawn Caste\\ StarIkselam/Sapphire - a roaming Celestial archon, Zenith Caste\\ <bIkselam/Sealis</b> - a spiteful ex-courtesan, Eclipse Caste

Exalted was released in RY 768. Quail was born in RY 745.

Fox is 17.\\ Yieng is 17.\\ Sapphire is 22.\\ Quail is 23.\\ Sealis is 30.\\

Supporting Cast

Fei Tau, "The Dragon Who Waits" - Yieng's wise Earth dragon patron\\ Keoki - a stalwart lion dog, head guardian of the Lonely Mountain temple

White Ferret - a young thief, Fox's ex-lover, killed by Fox\\ Sammuz Tel - an ill-fated Solar tomb raider, killed by Mika\\ Baz Jeren - an ill-fated Solar antiquities dealer, killed by Mika\\ Mika the Bobcat - a doomed Lunar scout, Fox's ex-lover, killed by Yieng and Sapphire

Silken Flower - one of the Realm's most respected courtesans\\ Cathak Shezar - an ill-fated DB playboy, killed by Sealis

Fisher Dawn - Quail's mom\\ Fisher Stormcloud - Quail's dad\\ Fisher Pheasant, Whippoorwill, Blackbird - Quail's three elder sisters \\ Ledaal Keffen - a kind-hearted DB archaeologist\\ Borovan Pollus - a travelling merchant, Sealis' lover until her true nature was revealed

Snow Ptarmigan - Sapphire's DB squeeze\\ Inconstant Spark - a childlike firefly-spirit\\ The Frost Maiden - a melancholy ice spirit\\ Twelve Lightnings - an autocratic thunderbird\\ Sanguarde - a usurping South Wind spirit

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