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Physical Combat

Rushing Actions

A Character whose DV has not refreshed may attempt to 'rush' another action, but at a substantial penalty. The character must spend a Willpower point or take a bashing Health Level to rush an action. The new action takes an additional penalty equal to the number of ticks left until full refresh; this penalty operates mechanically like a flurry penalty, but cannot be reduced or negated by Extra Action charms. Additionally, the new action's DV penalties are added to the rush penalty and the DV penalty for the previous action. Rushing an action does reset the character's Charm usage.


Davek hates boats, but somehow his friends suckered him into joining a ship guard to defend against pirate raiding parties - raiding parties like the one climbing on-board at this very moment. He's shakey and unsure of himself, but finds himself with his sword in hand nevertheless.

On tick 13, Davek executes a flurry of 2 attacks, a Dex + Sail to keep his footing, and a Dash with his Short Sword, placing him at -5 DV. His next available action will be on tick 18.

On tick 15, Davek realizes he needs to act NOW, and spends a Willpower point. He may now perform another action or set of actions at a -3 rush penalty (18 - 15 = 3), and with -8 DV on top of the action's DV penalty (he's already at -5, plus -3 for the rush penalty). His new action is a Miscellaneous action of attempting to shove a smouldering firedust bomb overboard before it explodes (Strength + Athletics, Speed 5/-2 DV); he is at -3 dice for this action and -10 DV, and may act again on tick 20.

On tick 18 (poor Davek), he sees his newfound friend Vaneef flung overboard from the rigging above him. Thinking fast, he rushes another action to save him - a Dex + Athletics roll to catch him as he falls, flurried with a Strength + Athletics roll to brace himself and keep them both from tumbling over the deck. This will be a Speed 5/-1 DV miscellaneous action, but because he still has 2 ticks until his DV refreshes, he will be at -2 to both rolls in addition to the flurry penalty of -2/-3 and -15 to DV (-10 DV, -2 for the rush penalty, -2 for the flurry penalty and -1 for the base DV penalty). He will act again on tick 23.

Luckily, nothing more demands his immediate attention until tick 23, so on tick 23 his DV finally refreshes and he may act again (assuming one of the pirates hasn't taken advantage of his frantic scrambling to land a well-placed arrow in his back).

Guard 'Full Defense'

During a Guard action in physical combat, a character has access to a third DV, called the 'Full Defense' DV. This DV is equal to the character's (Dexterity + (Melee or Brawl) + (applicable Specialties) + Dodge + Applicable Dodge Specialties + Essence + Highest Weapon Defense (+1 per additional weapon) )/2 - Armor Mobility, and can only be used against attacks that are both blockable and dodgeable.

Dodge Excellencies and Melee Excellencies may augment the Full Defense DV up to their full amount, but if Comboed together or otherwise mixed, the total enhancement from any combination dice-adders cannot surpass the higher of the character's (Dex + MeleeIaldabaoth/Brawl) or (Dex + Dodge) values (for Solars and Abyssals), Dex (for Lunars and Alchemicals), Essence (for Sidereals), or the higher Ability (for Dragon-Blooded). Other Dodge and parrying Charms and Katas which reduce penalties or cause other DV adjustments may augment this DV as normal.

Social Combat during Physical

A character may perform a Social Combat action during physical combat by taking a number of Miscellaneous -0 DV actions equal to the Speed of the social action. These actions may be Flurried with combat actions as normal, but the results do not apply until the last Miscellaneous action occurs. If interrupted, use the 'Dealing with Interruptions' guidelines on pg. 125.