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Hi there ! This will be my homepage on the Exalted Wiki.

I'll try to post some general stuff here, that I am using in my on-going campaign: NPC's I made, info on cities,...Anything which I think could be useful.


Location, Location, Location

Some stuff I put together as a basis for nearby cities that my players could visit in their campaign:

Hive/Greyfalls :: Previously known as the River Province Administrative District\\


Hi there, Hive. Welcome to the Wiki!\\ \\ Are you in investments by any chance? Couldn't miss the "Location, Location, Location" bit. ^_^ - BrokenShade

Hi BrokenShade ! Nope, I am not investments (wish I was :-)), although the "Location..." thing is a bit work-related. I am into Marketing and I never forgot when someone said during a course, that product placement is 'all about Location, location, location'...