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It lay forgotten on the borders of Creation since the end of the Primordial War. Shaped by the creators of Existance to fight the traitorous gods and their Exalted armies. For all its soul-forged might it could not tip the scales in favor of the Creators. And when it was lost near the end of the great war. Only a few sought to look for it, but none ever found it.

Some think the behemoth could never function again. For some of the Primordials who helped to shape it are now dead. Others believe that such deaths have freed it of control so that it could be influenced by others who are not a Primordial. Though that could be countered by having a will of its own. Seeking its own destiny in a new and different age. One that has forgotten its very existance.

The Sky Iris is one of the few behemoths that does not have a mortal animal based off of it. Or if it did it was either destroyed in the fires of She Who Lives In Her Name. Or put to the sword by the victorous exalted at wars end. It is shaped like a massive disk. At the cardinal points are large downward pointing, arched spires. In between each of those arches where other smaller ones that encircled the entire disk.

Floating in the center of the empty disk is a smooth sphere etched with Old Realm characters. It's organic frame is fluted and there are many recesses in its hull. In the war bio and soul weapons where grafted into the ships hull. All linked together in a complex neural system. The entire behemoth was alive.

Its central eye that floated freely in the center of the disk was its most potent weapon. Converting light and heat into a concentrated beam that could melt a glacier, boil away a small sea. Turn grass lands into deserts. But that was taking and it had to heal after each time it used that attack. And that was how it was beaten. Forced to use it to many times until its defenses failed and the Exalted managed to ground it. Once it was on the ground it was no longer a threat. Before the Exalted could return to finish it off the war ended and the behemoth was lost to the sight of the Exalted and to Heaven.

Among its defenses was a potent shield of essence that could deflect all other attacks. So long as the shield was up the behemoth could not die. Engraved and shaped into its hull where wards to defend against the wyld. This weapon was ment to be able to survive at all costs. Its interior hallways and passages where also armed to defend against any boarding party. For in the days of the war it was crewed by Lintha and other races loyal to the Primordials.

It could also emit a column of light from the entire interior surface area its disk enclosed. Passing over an area full of life it could siphon the living things into it to nurish itself and its crew. But the area below would be scarred and battered for a long time to come until the dragon-lines could heal it all.

It still has the personal effects of the last crew that died in its final battles littered amongst the personele chambers where they where brutally cut down by Dragon-Blooded and the mortal armies of the Solar Exalted. The control chamber is located within one of the main spires of the behemoth where the bonded captain could direct the primordial. Her corpse is still bonded in the chair. Death to death, and the behemoth sleeps. If new life where to sit in the chair. Then life calls to life and the behemoth awakens.