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Maya, the Gatekeeper of Souls

Other Titles: The Daughter-Primordial, Warden of Souls

In the Pre-History of Creation when it was just the Primordials and Creation was still new and forming. Creation shook from its birthing pains. Terrible storms, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes ravaged the land constantly. When they spoke the words and encoded their sorcery and power into the world. Mixing with the still churning essence something happened they did not entirely expect to happen. Within what would become known as the Imperial Mountain an egg had formed. And from that egg came a new Primordial formed from the essence of her mothers Gaia and Cytherea.

In those early days Maya was weak as her sub-souls formed and she sought to define her existance further. While her mothers where the essence and the world. She was becoming its soul and the component parts. But she was also the effect of shaped essence to bend it to ones will. When the Primordials began to add life to their Creation it was Maya who added the component of the soul, that spark that seperated them further from the Wyld and its endless madness.

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Jouton Form:
The Radiant Dragon is taken in homage to one of her parents, Gaia. She is a dragon of great length made of blinding white light like one sees as they are dying. To look upon her is to loose your soul to Lethe or to be taken into her to create another of her children. From her long snout are whiskers made of light. Where she walks she can scatter the essence of a demense or cause new ones form. When somone catches her attention she can uplift them to any circle of sorcery by expanding their soul to except such power and knowledge. But for most mortals just a single casting of a Second or Third circle spell will be their end and they will be drawn into Maya instead of entering Lethe immediately. It is there that she will judge the mortal. If found promising they will be remade into a first circle soul, if found lacking they are sent on to Lethe to try again.

When she walked amongst the mortal populations of Creation she takes the form of a tall beautiful woman. Her skin is pale and traced with pale grey tattoo's that cover most of her body. She wears clothing of the most exquiste make with ivory jewelry set with crystals.

World Body Form:
If the Labyrinth and Void are the darkest domains of the Neverborn and their twisted nightmares. Then the world body of Maya is their opposite. A place of diffused light, rolling grey mists and clouds. Palaces of her sub-souls built upon these clouds made of fantastic materials. Glittering domes and towering spires are common within the palaces.

Her sub-souls are not the only ones to live in the world body. There was those called the Reborn. They where the handmaidens and servants of the Primordial and her children. Potent essence channelers that could wander Creation more easily than those of her component souls. They live and train in the palaces of their lords and beautiful sprawling cities on the clouds around them. Traveling between places on winged serpents made of that white heatless fire.

Circle Souls:
- Lethe, Fetich Soul: The core of soul of Maya and that which the cycle of reincarnation is named is Lethe. She is a beautiful dragon of rolling grey clouds. She has six legs each ending in 4 claws. In the days of Primordial rule it was Lethe who was one of the most venerated entities of the Primordial overlords. Maya was always more reclusive than the other Primordials and her work with the processes of reincarnation so much so that Lethe was considered a sub-soul of Gaia.

The power of Lethe is the power over souls themselves. She was Maya's original purpose after she awakened inside of Creation. Some considered that Lethe was the being that came from that egg but as she grew and solidified became the core identity of the new Primordial. During the Primordial age the cycle of reincarnation was perfect and complete. As the souls passed through lethe she feed on their memories and experiences. Sharing them with the other Primordials which was another way they maintained a constant stream of essence and prayer.

- Rashnu, Judge of the Slain, 2nd Soul of Maya: The judge is a terrible and awe inspiring figure. Dressed in omnious black robes. The hood is drawn up over its head and a silver mask covers its face. The mask reflect the image of the soul being judged. Always with him is an complex device that weighs the crimes and deeds of a soul. It is Rashnu that determined how the soul would live in the next life. Whether they would live as a human again or as something else. In the time of the Primordial War Rashnu could grant a mortal human soul into a race blessed by a given Primordial such as the Lintha. He is one of the least known of the Primordial sub-souls since no human could remember him once they had reincarnated.

- Sammael, Ferrier of the Dead, 3rd Soul of Maya: In the time before the Primordial war it was Sammael that brought the souls of the dead to be judged by Rashnu. Then taken to Lethe as they are purified for their next incarnation. Sammael appears as a beautiful woman with six wings. Her skin is a pale white and warm to the touch. But touching her releases the soul from the body. With long flowing red hair and eyes. Those near death have seen her hovering near them and they are at peace. When she is near them they do not linger as ghosts.

When she walks Creation all things flow into balance. Ghosts are wreathed in a heatless white fire and they are taken back into the cycle. By walking around the edge of a Shadowland it is wreathed in that same white fire. Anything of the underworld including Soulsteel cannot pass through it even to enter the Underworld at night. Over the course of a few days the Shadowland is sealed completely.

- Vanra, The Origin of Sorcery, 4th Soul of Maya: When the Primordials spoke the first words of sorcery and wove it into the fabric of Creation it was Maya who had become the custodian of that power. It was reflected in her nature as this soul was formed. He takes the form of a series of rotating rings made of emerald and sapphire along with arcane symbols for each spell ever to be cast by a mortal, exalt, god and demon. Essence leaps from a perfect sphere of adamant at the center of the rotating discs to the rotating rings. He is known to possess the knowledge of any spell that has ever been made or yet to be made.

It is in his power to grant any creature with a soul the ability to use the power of sorcery. Any native of Creation can be enlightened to use the Emerald Circle of sorcery without fear of being immolated in white heatless fire. For those not capable of using the higher tiers of sorcery even casting a single spell will end their current incarnations.

- Izra'il, The One Who Brings Peace, 5th Soul of Maya: The last and youngest soul of the Primordial Maya. Formed in response to heal the sickness that Creation has suffered from. A wandering maiden wearing white robes. Her long red hair allowed to fall freely about her shoulders. With a touch she can cure sickness, disease and poison. By expending some effort she can destroy such things around her curing all those for miles around. Like the other souls of Maya she does not seek death nor cause it. So many plagues, poisons and other disasters come from Creations fallen state. And it does not aid in the balance. She goes where she is needed the most.

Her greatest talent is that anyone is a lower essence than she cannot draw a weapon or cause harm to another with 10 miles of her presence. They find they lack the will and desire to bring death and misery to another living being. And more willing to listen to reasonable pleas to stop the violence.

The Reborn:
When a mortal is chosen by one of Maya's sub-souls or herself she takes them into her world body where they are changed. Seperated from the cycles of life and death they become the proxies of the youngest Primordial. Their skin tone becomes pale and intricate tattoo's dance over their flesh. Their eyes are a brillant blue color. Having hair long and red. When they are reborn their essence is opened up (it is determined like a spirits). One of their greatest benefits is their immortal life spans. Unless they die through violence they cannot succumb to any disease or poison.

Of their essence based powers they can return mortal ghosts back to the cycle of reincarnation. Either a new ghost or one that has been in existance for centuries. Many ghosts think they are ghosts when they first meet with just unusally bright red hair. It is only to late do they realize the legends are true. The last thing they hear is a prayer to some unknown diety and a serene stillness overcome them. Such is their power they can save a mortwright from oblivion with their touch. Some are specially trained as sorcerers in various circles. Only the eldest of them know all three circles of sorcery.

For them death is an inconvience. When they die they return to her world body and do not enter Lethe. But they have lost all their former power and higher essence pools. But they have a chance to continue on in their mission. Their memories are foggy from their previous existance but it becomes more clear as they rebuild their essence and their power. Eventually becoming the same individual once again. The only way to permanently kill them is through a necromantic effect which is their greatest weakness.