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Winter Blossom (totem: polar bear), Full Moon, Sword of Gaia (Nikko)
• Winter Blossom hails from the far north of Creation. Part of a tribe of humans that has maintained some of the oldest rites of worship in Creation. Her people are fierce and proud warriors that know no fear of man or beast. To them their most sacred animal is the Ghost Bear, a massive bear that stands nearly 25 foot at the shoulder. She took the sacred animal as her totem when Luna chose her. It is whispered that Luna herself had gotten Winter Blossom pregnant.
• A relatively young Lunar Exalted that now seeks to hunt the greatest prey Creation can offer to her. She is considered savage and barbaric even to most Lunar standards. Holding herself and others to a strict code of conduct and survival. Those who insult her she will challenge even if she cannot win because she does not back down.
• Her favored weapon is a mighty Moonsilver Grand Grimcleaver known as Winters Claiming. Woven with the moonsilver is blue jade. Being struck by the weapon turns the unforunate into ice.
• Essence: 3
• Solar Bond: 3

Joyous Laughter (totem: mospid ), No Moon, The Winding Path (Amnos)
• Joyous Laughter hails from the western islands where she was born and raised. Her people relied on the sea for all things. Wearing simple clothing with jewelry made out of shells and other things of the sea. She Exalted when confronted with "something" that escaped from Dark Mist Isle. Her interest and desire to unravel its secrets made her a prime fit to be a No Moon.
• Joyous Laughter is approaching her 100th year of life. She has delved into the arts of Sorcery and she is appaled by the nature of necromancy. Hating it with a passion that surprises even her. She has become an educated and respected Celestial Exalt in the halls of learning all around Creation.
• Her favored weapon is a Moonsilver discus etched with prayers to Luna. When it hits it wraps around its foe finding weaknesses to exploit before returning back to Joyous Laughter.
• Essence 4
• Solar Bond: 0

Majestic Ossian (totem: white tail deer), Half Moon (Radiant Mya)
• (Waiting on the write up from Alana)
• Solar Bond: 2

Shining Daughter (totem: jaguar), Waxing Moon, Sun King Senschal (Amnis)
• Shining Daughter comes from the east where large hunting cats roam the tree tops and hunt during that seemingly constant twilight. In her mortal days Shining Daughter had another name it was Cannia and her mortal parents helped to run a mortal settlement was built inside and around an ancient tree where they could harvest. She Exalted after dealing with a hostile Fair Folk threat and forced them back into the Wyld. For that her caste settled into that of a Waxing Moon. She has been reported speaking to Luna herself on matters that deal with the survival of Creation and Gaia.
• Essence 5
• Solar Bond: 2

Lilith (totem: white spotted owl), Waning Moon (Eagle)
• Same as canon-version.
• Solar Bond: 5