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Basic History
In the time of Glory when the Dragon-Kings controlled most of the surface and the Mountain Folk controlled their vast underground empire. They entered into one of their greatest alliances between those ancient empires. A machine that could tap into the potential futures and bring about their completion. Originally used to prevent natural disasters from claiming many lives during those terrible storms that ravaged Creation in the beginning of the Time of Glory. But the more they studied the effects of the machines predictions that it could effect alot more than weather patterns.

They looked forward and whether they set into motion the Primordial War, or made the War possible none will now know. But they have used the machine through out parts of history. The last use of the machine before the final guardian had the power cells removed cast one more telling. It showed a black stain rolling across Creation. Of war and millions dying. Terrible events that Glittering Feather had recorded then scattered across Creation.

Basic Layout
The structure takes upon most of the mountain peak in the mountains that seperate the east from the south. High up where the air is cool and crisp. With massive balconies and shaped terraces for skyships to dock and Pterok to land on. From those outside places one lead into the Outer Courtyard. Here are beautiful gardens and stone obelisks. The earilest dialects of High Holy Speech all over the structure. Included speech in a language not regonized by any savant of the Solar Deliberative.

Beyond this is a long hall that connects into the central room. Set into the floor is a central disc 50 feet wide made of orichalcum. Each of the rings bearing other images. The center ring is of an unknown creature. Around that is a ring for the four known Dragon-King breeds. Beyond that is the ring with the caste markings of each of the Celestial Exalted and their Incarna. Past the celestial circle is the Gaian circle and the aspect markings of the Dragon-Blooded. And the last ring is of the six Autochthonia elementals. But it was built long before the war and how they knew what symbols to carve is also now lost to time itself.

The machine was powered by massive panels of orichalcum murals. Prayers that siphoned directly into the machines inner workings. Depicting the Unconquered Sun as the Dragon-Kings once knew him by. In the Ochre Fountain Era the last of the guardians had key sections of the mural depicting the last reading removed which shut the machine down. And scattered those blocks around Creation. Without power the auto repair functions of the engine shut down and for the last three thousand years it has gone without repair.

From the central chamber one finds a large tower depicting a large mural of the Unconquered Sun in the form of a dragon. At the top is a platform that leads into the Chamber of the Ancestors. And the spiral staircase that leads below into the Tomb of the Forgotten.

Chamber of the Ancestors
At the very top of the complex is a sacred chamber. 3 ancient heroes of each breed lay enshrined within. Their hearts ashes held in urns infront of their mummified bodies. Their souls bound to their ancient forms. With their minds and their essence free to grow they have become quite powerful though an immobile force. They are the ones whose mystalic might controlled the vast complex machine. It is their language that adorns the structure of the machine.

In the center of the chamber beneath a crystal plate that allows one to communicate with the elders within. Is the remains of one of mystical fifth breed of Dragon-Kings. As the gods experimented creating sentient completely physical species. But this breed was the template for the others. Who mystical power was broken down into the other breeds. They where potent mystics that could rival anything else in that time or even later.

They where few and far between. And they have steadily declined into nothingness. But its power is still intense. Using the anchor of the other 12 to maintain its hold on Creation

Tomb of the Forgotten
This vast underground complex holds thousands of urns where the cermated remains of Dragon-King warriors. Set into niches along the walls are the mummified remains of the Dragon-King heroes still in their artifact armor and weapons.

The main power of this chamber comes from the central statue of a great dragon. It is made out of mostly obsidian. The pattern of its scales is outlined in orichalcum and radiating such an intense heat around it. Its 4 golden eyes seem to be judging those who stand before it. The statue is 35 feet tall and weighs nearly 30 tones. Its power can instantly slay a living being and send its soul into Lethe. Any ghost that gets within 100 yards of it is automatically sent into Lethe without any chance to resist its power.