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Ascending Mist

Concept: Travelling Singer
Nature: Gallant
Caste: Chosen of Serenity
Faction: Independent
History: Ascending Mist was born to a couple of travelling performers in the South and grew up accustomed to the entertainer's life. Her exaltation came in her early teens when she could intuitively sense the patterns of the artists interactions with their audience from behind the scenes of one of their travelling stage shows. As she sang her heart out on the stage, she somehow knew that this was only the first of her performances that would be entirely forgotten almost as soon as she stepped off stage. But she was wrong; there were Sidereals in the audience, and they had come solely for her.

Since then, Ascending Mist has faithfully learned all she need learn and attended to all of her expected duties as a Sidereal. During her time off, she sings at all the salons she can both in Heaven and in Creation. She appreciates the fact that Yu-Shan audiences do at least remember her performances and eagerly await more, while each tour in Creation is as the first; but she also understands that her singing does more for the harried mortals of Creation than it ever will for the gods.

Image: Ascending Mist is a voluptous Southern woman with dark-brown skin, long, curly reddish-blonde hair and sultry hazel eyes. She favors form-fitting, artfully exposing dresses and elegant jewelry crafted from the Ambrosial gifts of gods. Her voice is a smooth, dulcet instrument capable of a wide range of octaves and volume, all of which she uses skillfully in renditions of ancient ballads and new improvisations. Although she has mastered a bare minimum of the Sidereal fighting arts, she much prefers love to war, and is a past master at manipulating situations peacefully.

The Nameless of the East

Concept: Amnesiac Bounty Hunter
Nature: Survivor
Caste: Chosen of Journeys
Faction: Independent
History: The Sidereal Chosen of Journeys who is now known as The Nameless of the East by those few who know of his existence, was once part of a Sidereal Circle dedicated to containing the taint of the Yozis on Creation as much as possible. And they were successful, too, until running afoul of Kallutica, of the Third Circle...

Kallutica's lures and traps destroyed the Circle from within, until only two remained. As lovers, their bond was the strongest and the demon took especial care and pleasure in corrupting it. Once both were helpless before it, it offered Shade Moss the choice of watching her mate slowly and painfully devoured before her eyes, or surrendering her very self to its perverted ministrations. Vainly hoping to spare her love, she willingly accepted the Investiture of Infernal Glory, becoming Jade Frost, Scourge of the East.

As good as its word, Kallutica released its prisoner, but not before using a Memory Sponge charm on him, placing his entire stolen life inside of a necklace of Remembrance Opals it then bestowed upon Jade Frost. When he failed to report in to his superiors, they assumed that he was destroyed along with the rest of his Circle, although his old Sifu is beginning to suspect otherwise...

Now, Nameless wanders the Scavenger Lands, his only companions a Marukani Warhorse named Racing Thunder that he won in a bet, and the regulars of a tavern in a Guild Border Station town where he accepts assignments to collect bounty heads. It's good work, and strangely familiar, although often unaccountably easy. Except when demons are involved, which seems to be an increasing occurance. And a dark and sinister woman has been asking questions about him lately...

Weapons: Firewand, Flame Piece, Plasma Tongue Repeater, Hatchet, Longbow, Pancho-style Reinforced Buff Jacket (7/10)

Merits & Flaws: Heirloom 1 (Firewand), Amnesia 2 (doesn't recall his name or nature, but can use all his powers), Nightmares, Enemy 5 (Kallutica & Jade Frost), One eye