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It has been twenty years since the Solar Exalted have drawn breath on Creation's soil once again. For the last two decades, they have built up their power and allies, fought, died and been reborn again, often at the hands of the Dragon-Blooded, more often at each other's hands. Solar-trained armies clashed on the borders of Solar-dominated kingdoms, of which more and more sprang up each year, while Realm and Fae and Deathlord bided their time. Finally, a loose coalition of Zeniths and Eclipses (many of them "advised" by the Cult of the Illuminated and its hidden Sidereal masters) began crusading among the Solar leaders and warriors, and slowly, were able to arrange a covert gathering of all of the Unconquered Sun's children who wished to attend.

Since this meeting was likely to determine the future shape of the world, that was most of them. The first Solar Summit since the 1st Age was held on neutral ground that was as safe and secure from intrusion and prying eyes as the Gold Faction could make it. The gathered Lawgivers agreed on much, mainly that the constant squabbling amongst themselves was wasting their energy while their enemies grew stronger, and that they needed direction. Who were to be the new leaders was the main point of contention, but after much politicking, a Solar Congress was formed, at least ostensibly intended to fill the void left by the long-gone Solar Deliberative. After this was done, the mass of more social Solars set about establishing lines of communication and structures of alliance that any and all could call upon at need. As the most powerful and well-trained Solars present, those indoctrinated by the Cult of the Illuminated were largely successful at taking centerstage and setting the pace and tone of the resultant Solar confederation...

After this, the Solar Crusade proceeded in a much more orderly fashion, as Solar-ruled kingdoms joined forces and Solar-led armies sought out Fae and Demon incursions of Reality. Aided by Silver Faction Sidereals, the Solar Congress met with a concolation of Silver Pact Elders and, after passing their many trials and tests of worthiness, finally re-embraced their old allies. While many in the Silver Pact grumble about this, the vast majority follow their elders' lead; those outside of the Pact still require Solars to prove their worthiness on their own unforgivably harsh terms. Many spirit-courts rejoice at the return of the natural order, while just as many spirit kings resent the inevitable usurpation of their power. Even the Guild is uncommonly perturbed, as it attempts to do business as always, despite the disruption the height of the Time of Tumult brings...

The Realm is the most alarmed by reports that suggest that the Anathema have organized and are conquering the Threshold at a fantastic rate; most cities and villages simply turn over authority when faced with supernaturally persuasive godwarriors, and only a few of the largest metropoli have retained their independence. Suddenly, the Scarlet Dynasty finds itself virtually devoid of any allies whatsoever, and adrift alone in a sea of enemies. Assuming that the Realm has not self-destructed in civil war already (see Dark Age: Exalted), then it commits itself wholeheartedly to the defense of what it has left. With the Anathema literally at the gate, the Dynastic Houses hold a concord, and universally elect Cathak Cainen as Supreme Commander of the Realm's Defence (essentially making him Emperor in all but name). After commandeering the combined military might of the Great Houses, his first act is to offer an alliance to the long-estranged Seventh Legion of Lookshy.

Lookshy is in quite a bind: The Confederation of Rivers has been falling to the Anathema advance like dominoes, and the 7th Legion has not been able to score any solid victories over them. The Terrestrial rulers of the city don't expect any mercy from the Solar-Lunar hordes and so they throw in their hand with the sole bastion of civilization as they know it, and take the Realms' offer. For the first time, heavy 1st Age weapons and masses of troops from both sides march together. The Celestial army's plan is simple: Lookshy's location and stockpiles of 1st Age weaponary make it the perfect base from which to launch the invasion of the Blessed Isle. If it must first be conquered, well, that's just another step on the road back to Celestial supremacy...

It is on this stage that new Player Characters find themselves. Are they leaders of the Celestial Army, or just-exalted foot-soldiers? Are they diplomats and assassins, dancing the political waltz of keeping the fragile web binding allies and servants together, as well as sowing dissention and misinformation among their enemies? Do they remain stubbornly independant of the Crusade or even actively seek to oppose it? Do they fight for the Realm-Lookshy Consortium?

What legends will be told of your deeds?


I'd like two of those, to go please. Actually, better yet - can you deliver them to Pennsylvania? -- GreenLantern, who desperately needs a good Exalted game, and dang, if this doesn't sound like a fun setting