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They were a group of average Americans, friends and co-workers who would escape the grind of big city life every couple of months to play Weekend Warriors roughing it in nature. One day, while lost hiking pretty far off the beaten trail, they came upon a cave that had an air of holiness to it. Exploring within, they were surprised to find glowing lichin illuminating passageways that looked as much grown as manufactured. There was a strange smell, and a blurry flashing and distant singing...

When they awoke, and found their way outside, something within them told them they weren't in Kansas anymore. Perhaps it was the fact that the landscape looked nothing like it had when they came in (perhaps it's even the wrong season)...or perhaps it was the armored soldiers on horseback bellowing at them in some strange language they'd never heard before...

In Pulp Exalted, players are PCs from modern-day America who find themselves mysteriously transported to Creation. They may arrive separately or together, they may split up or stay together, they may enrich themselves or be enslaved by the Guild or Realm...But they all have the same problems. They must master the language, win their freedom if necessary, find friends and allies, and find a way to return home. Unless they'd rather stay and explore this brave new world. If they prove worthy, they may even attract the attention of the gods; and being Chosen changes things.

Do they cling to their Earthly identities or embrace the ways of this new lifestyle wholeheartedly? Do they seek to make a living for themselves or raise a revolution against the powers that be? Do they still seek to return home, perhaps to bring their new powers and the worship of their new gods there? What if their new state doesn't carry over there, are they willing to live a normal, mundane life there when they could be a demigod in Creation?

What deeds are told of your victories?