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The Argent Bucephalus

Concept: Deliverer of Horses
Nature: Bravo
Caste: Full Moon
Totem: Horse
Face: Ikth-ya
History: Few among the Lunars know the complete story behind this Full Moon Ikth-Ya; most simply snort that it doesn't matter, and perhaps they are correct. What is important is his actions, as they threaten to reshape the very Scavenger Lands themselves...

Perhaps it was only natural that the Horse-totem warrior should be drawn to the Marukani Alliance of Horselords. Perhaps it is even true that he was Exalted from amongst them. But what is certainly true is that he has been a persistent burr in their saddles...

Striking from the hills surrounding their pastures under the cover of stormy nights, the Argent Bucephalus shatters the containment fences, and steals entire herds of the most prime horses from Marukani settlements. Many is the night Marukani hands race into the night, only to find their prize specimens missing, and a equine figure rearing up and whinnying its challenge on a distant hill, shining in the lightening: The Argent Bucephalus has struck again!

Occasionally a God-Blooded horse loyal to its owners will attempt to stop him, but these rebels never last long...Nor have the Outcaste riders who have tried to put a stop to the raids. The Marukani detest having to call on the Wyld Hunt but they may have no choice...

Contrary to popular belief, the Bucephalus does NOT wish to destroy the Marukani. He simply wishes to reverse its order to its natural state, with the horses on top. His army of horsemen are nearly ready to ride into battle...

However, he has also heard rumors of a pretty young Solar maiden of soft words but firm skill, who has succeeded in quickly breaking every unruly horse the Marukani could offer her, and of her quest for a horse that could not be broken. And he waits...

Image: The most magnificent horse imaginable, with shining silver fur chased with the neon-blue of Lunar tattoos, and silver eyes and hoofs. The Argent Bucephalus almost never takes any shape other than his horseform, preferring to grow to enormous size with Towering Beast Form and trample truly dangerous opponents.

The Man in the Silver Mask

Concept: Gentleman Crimefighter
Nature: Conniver
Caste: Changing Moon
Totem: Fox
Face: Nain-ya
History: This man, whose name is now lost, was once a prosperous Merchant Prince of the Guild. The Maidens are fickle, however, and the very people he most trusted stripped him of his wealth and position and sold him as a slave on the very caravans he used to lead.

Used and abused by the worst excesses of the Cynis slave houses, he swore that they would not break him, that he would survive this humiliation and get revenge. Luna heard and answered with Her blessing...

The newly vulpine ex-slave found escaping easy, and left behind his old life with his chains. Approached by the Silver Pact, he allowed them to fix his form, but was openly horrified by their plans to destroy civilization. It was far too much fun!

Against their warnings, he returned to the cities of men in a new guise and there stalked his former compatriots, weaving webs of such cunning and deceit that they only realized how they sealed their own dooms at the very end.

Once avenged, he decided to delay his return to the wild places indefinitely. Now, he travels from city to city, always fashionably dressed in the latest styles, and owns the most pampered and loyal slaves in Creation (he has made a habit of buying any mistreated slave he sees on the spot). He maintains lavish homes all throughout the East, can be seen at only the most prestigious of balls and is prized for his witty repartee. And if the Lunar elders spit and snarl at the very mention of his name, he can't give a damn.

But after the parties are over, a different beast stalks the night. The predatorial urges of Luna cannot be denied, and he gives full vent to them under the cover of night. That is when brigands, killers and worse shiver at the tales told of the superhuman killer of killers, recognizable by his fancy dress, unbelievable archery and silver mask.

As yet, no one has put the two together. But it is only a matter of time before someone does, or the Wyld Hunt comes calling. But until then, The Man in the Silver Mask is having a ball!

Image: Dripping in jewels and lace, the lean, shifty eyed Changing Moon delights at pushing the borders of acceptable fashion. His long red and black hair is normally tied with a velvet ribbon and his hands are rarely seen out of frilled gloves. He only lightens the image of a perfumed, painted pompinjay during his nightly raids, and then only slightly. Then, the most difference in his appearance is the Moonsilver Mask (Artifact 2) and the exceptional Ironwood bow and Glass dueling sabre he wields.

He has many shapes stored in his Heart's Blood "library", all of them human. He prefers not to take animal shape at all, and only adopts his fox form to make quick escapes. When escape is impossible, however, he adopts his DBT, a large red-furred foxman with nine prehensile tails (the arm array gift).

He has Followers 4, the Merits Cache, Lucky, Daredevil, and the Flaws Secrets, Enemy, and Wanted.

Mother Bear

Concept: Peacemaker & Healer
Nature: Caregiver
Caste: No Moon
Totem: Brown Bear
Face: Ikth-ya
A Linowan woman whose settlement was slaughtered by Haltans; during her flight/fight to survive, she exalted into a Bear totem and tore her attackers apart. Seeing the sheer terror in their faces, however, reminded her of her own. Ever since, she has dedicated herself to bringing peace to warring peoples...

Now she wanders the East, healing and teaching wherever she goes. The Silver Pact don't quite know what to make of her; on the one paw, she actively crusades against the very virtues the Lunar Nation lives by. But on the other, her Wisdom and Succor are undeniably astounding and she has helped more than a few Lunars and Packs out of seemingly intractable situations by simply listening, calmly acting, and firmly talking the situation to a resolution. She has gathered a surprisingly high amount of Reknown without ever having been in a fight (she, in fact, has the Pacifist flaw, but wouldn't consider it as such)!

Image: In her human form, Mother Bear is an older Linowan woman, plump, smiling and wrinkled. Her greying dark-green hair is braided into two long tails over her shoulder and she still dresses in the manner of her people, and wears many pieces of natural jewelry she crafted herself. Her bear form is indistinguishable from most other brown bears, but her Deadly Beastman Form is terrifying to look upon...