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Drifting Candle (Fae-Blooded)

Concept: Playwright and Actress
Nature: Gallant
History: Drifting Candle was born to an aging playwright and her Fae lover. Her mother can be excused from taking the appropriate precautions, as she was nearing 80 at the time; yet the fecund nature of her Wyld lover could not be denied, and her acting company watched in shock as the octogenerian swelled and gave birth to a seemingly ordinary, if beautiful, child.

Drifting Candle learned what she was soon enough, although a polite fiction was maintained by her mothers' troupe of actors in every town they visited that she was merely a grandchild. By the time her mother passed on, she had learned much and taken over the troupe of players, and even began composing her own fantasies for them to enact, drawn from the strange reveries she often drifts into...

Drifting Candle hopes to locate her remaining parent, although she's unsure what she'd say or do if she does. She is also beginning to seriously consider accepting the offers of various governments and the Guild to use her increasingly popular travelling show as a means of spying and/or smuggling...

Image: Drifting Candle is a tall, shapely Eastern woman with long, reddish-orange hair. Like most of her players, she takes pleasure in dressing flamboyantly, like something out of one of their performances, and often adopts an exagerrated Western flair to her look and speech. But those who think that she can't really handle the rapier she always wears on her hip had best beware of its sting. She is the best actor in her troupe, almost singlehandly drawing in crowds to marvel at the way she passionately loses herself in her roles...Now, if only she could stop her annoying habit of going off-script and giving accurate prophecies right in the middle of a performance...

Jac Crass (Demon-Blooded)

Concept: Demon and Ghost Hunter
Nature: Conniver
History: There are a million stories from the streets of Nexus, and the story of Jac Crass is one of the most unbelievable. They say that he bribed his way into Malfeas and bluffed his way back out, and that on the way, he swindled a Demon of the Third Circle into Endowing him with its Essence; they say that Plentimon of the Dice flies into a rage at the very mention of his name, while Burning Feather dissolves into helpless laughter at the same; they say that both the Guild and the Council of Entities would dearly love to be rid of him, but that a complete network of favors and alliances that he wove allows him to go where he pleases; only Jac himself knows the truth of any of this, and he only grins and lights up another cigarello...

Interestingly enough, although he's often seen in every part of Nexus, from the worst parts of Firewander to the best parts of Bastion, few recall seeing him return violence with violence. He prefers to joke, cajole and extort his way in and out of situations; the few times he was roughed up, tales abound of the unpleasant "misfortune" that befell his assailants, which, of course, no one could trace back to him...

Nexus locals know that if you're having trouble with a particularly bad Hungry Ghost, or if that troublesome Raksha made off with your shadow, just go down to the pub near the Little Market and look for the scruffy bloke in the beat-up Buff Jacket with the inscutable smile on his face. He'll sort out your problem, though he might just have to trade in your soul for the trouble...

Poisonous Blessing (Demon-Blooded)

Concept: Saboteur of Faith
Nature: Conniver
History: The Second Circle Demoness Stanwald, She Who Surmounted the Omphalos and The Reflective Soul of the Ravine of Whispers, in a manner only the mad or foolish will inquire into, conceived a child. The gestation is said to have lasted only 9 days, during which Stanwald danced feverishly upon the sands of the Endless Desert, her foul get swelling and marinading in her blasphemous womb. Those who speak without caution preach that she danced with her mother as she developed, a perfect harmony within and without...and soon enough, too soon, Poisonous Blessing was loosed unto the world.

Poisonous Blessing has followed her mother's will in this world, which is the sabotage of religious groups whose honest faith might in some way prove troublesome to their Yozi masters. Once infiltrated into such a group, the subtle lies, theft and betrayals begin, and are almost never tracked back to the wholesome, innocent-seeming young woman who joined just before all the troubles started up. Soon enough, the body of believers either breaks apart in bitterness, wages schismatic war with itself or even converts wholeheartedly to worship of the Yozis. All save a pretty young woman, silently dancing her way on to the next temple...

Image: Poisonous Blessing is a pretty, fresh-faced young woman who is fond of bonnets, hand-woven baskets and sundresses when not wearing liturgical garb. Her manner is easy, earnest and vunerable, and she is often surrounded by many who want to teach her, protect her and/or marry her; none of them come to good ends. Her only true friend is her Mentor, Forbidden Fruit the Teodozji.

Scarlet Ice (Ghost-Blooded)

Concept: Odd Artisan
Nature: Visionary
History: Scarlet Snow and Scarlet Rain were twin sistes, although only one of them made it out of the womb alive. Nonetheless, a steady diet of Ghost Flower Tea ensured that the two were inseparable. Eventually, the two became lovers as well, and Rain went through some trouble to secure the Fertile Soul Endowment Arcanos, in order to gift her lonely sister with the child that no man would have with the strange woman.

From this union came Scarlet Ice and their trio was complete. A frequent user of Rasp Spider Venom, Ice has begun making a name for herself among both living and dead with her hauntingly evocative sculptures, although few among the living guess at the true nature of her inspiration...

Image: Scarlet Ice is a tall, willowly Easterner, possessing an unusual pallor that contrasts sharply with her short midnight black hair and eyes. Unlike many Ghost-Blooded, she prefers to dress in a rich crimson color befitting her name, although her taste in elaborate lacy veils and velvet cloaks is closer to the "norm" for her type. Ice often seems to glide without walking, and has a distracted air to her manner and speech, except when she's feverishly working, which is about as focused as she gets. Her raven Familiar Dirge, and her aunt are nearly always with her, even when her mother is away; she moliates herself to more closely resemble the age of her living twin.