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Character Creation

Of Fire and Iron is intended for mid-to-high level God-Blooded characters. Characters are created using the rules for God-Blooded characters listed in Players Guide, with the following changes.

Bonus Points
Every character begins with 35 bonus points to spend rather than 21.

Special Backgrounds
In addition to the increased starting points, PCs begin play with 6 extra background points they can divide between Patron, Experience, and Knowledge. Normal background points or any gained from Patron cannot be spent on Knowledge or Experience.

Friendly Gaming Reminder: Flavor Over Form
Of Fire and Iron is a God-Blooded game, not an Exalt game. Character creation as it is set up has the potential to hand out a lot of bonus points to start with (75 is the most you could begin with, before even taking flaws), but the idea is that these be used to make a colorful character whose stats reflect their background; not a combat-twink who is trying to compete on the same level as an Exalt. And a word of advice on that: Don’t bother. You’re a God-blood, so won’t make it to their level anyway. Even a reasonably competent Dragon-Blood will still very likely own your ass. It’s not the rules of this game, it’s just how the setting goes.

That being said though, I will personally assure you that the chances your PC will be fighting against or traveling with an Exalt are extremely slim and that the trials you face will not be the level to which only one of the Chosen could handle. You're not competing with or needing to keep up with the Exalted, so don't worry about trying to. While I am not discouraging anyone from making their character good at what they do, I am saying would much rather see a group of a elemental mutants and odd-ball thaumaturges than I would a bunch of wanna-be Exalts who’ve uniformly maxed their combat abilities, learned Principle of Motion, and found a diaklave laying around.

Apologies if this sounds confrontational. I do trust the people who want to play in this game, but I simply want to make sure there are no illusions as well.

Questions? Requests?
Feel free to bug me day or night if you have any questions in regards to character creation or the game as a whole. I'm happy to bend/break/ignore some rules to allow a character concept to work.

Altered Backgrounds

Inheritance is not a functional background for the purposes of Of Fire and Iron. Purely a 'flavor' background, players must list whatever level of Inheritance befits their character. It costs no points, but cahracters gain no additional bonus points from this background either. It's functions have instead been passed over to Experiance and Knowledge.

Experience functions as listed in the Players Guide. Bonus points from Experience may be spent on abilities, attributes, specialties, and non-supernatural merits.

Knowledge functions as listed in the Players Guide, with a few additions. Bonus points from Knowledge may be spent on Essence increases, thaumaturgy, Charms, sorcerery/necromancy, and supernatural merits.

Of Fire and Iron will make use of CrownedSun's Revised Familiars background rather than the standard Familiar background.

Socerery and Necromancy
The Sorcerery background from Outcastes and the Necromancy background from Abyssals are not in use for Of Fire and Iron. Sorcerery and Necromancy spells can be purchased with normal bonus points or any gained from Knowledge.

House Rules

The Craft ability function in a similar manner to Linguistics. Each dot in Craft is considered to cover an additional type of Craft.

Characters are free to buy nearly any Wyld-mutation or Fair Folk Charms as mutations with the Mutation merit, with some exceptions. The Fair Folk Charms "Grace of the Infinite Revolving Sphere," "Imposition of Law," and "Bastion of Self" are excluded. Fae-blooded characters who take an Adjuration can still use it to gain these as mutations.

Mutations which effect Attributes do not stack normally, but employ only the largest listed bonus to any Attribute. The exception is the Fair Folk Charm “Glorious Hero Form.” The effects of this Charm do not stack with itself as a mutation, but will stack with other mutations. Fae-Blooded who employ Glorious Hero Form as an actual Charm may employ it as per described in the book.

Character who favor Occult as an ability pay less over all for Thaumaturgy. Training in an Art or levels of a Science costs only 2 bonus points or 3 experience points. In addition, specialties in any Art or Science are perchance as normal ability specialties, gaining 2 specialties per 1 bonus point spent. They may also buy Alchemy formulas or at a 2 per 1 basis.

Characters may purchase specialties for a Science as exist for Arts. Specialties can include a specific Alchemical formula, working with self-made tools, employing a specific Enchantment procedure, or similar specific tasks. These net an additional +1 die whenever a roll is made where they come into play, but a character cannot possess more than three total specialties. Science specialties stack.

Spirit-Blooded and Demon-Blooded

Spirit-Blooded and Demon-Blooded characters cannot normally master Charms of Blessings or Curses. Those who posses a Patron 2 towards their parent and do not have the flaw Sires Enmity are considered to possess the 7-point version of the Priest merit so long as they remain in their sires good graces.

Characters with Patron 3 or higher gain the Charms Tiny Gift and Tiny Damnation. They can employ these Charms directly in their parents name once per day, regardless if they meet the requirements of the Charm and without an Essence cost to themselves.


Elemental-Blooded characters receive the Fair Folk Charm 'Assumption of Elemental Form' which matches the elemental-alignment of their parent as a free mutation.


The Death-in-Life Path of Arcanoi was designed with Ghost-Blooded characters purely in mind. Ghost-Blooded characters pay only 5 bonus points for Charms of this path, rather than the standard 7.


The Fae-Blood merits “Transcendent Dream Shape” and “Goblin Body” can now work as charms rather than merits for Essence-wielding characters. They may not be purchased more times than the Fae-Blood's Essence.

As a Charm, Transcendent Dream Shape costs 1 Willpower and (5 + level) motes to activate. The first level purchase grants 5 attribute points to build a Transcendent Dream Form and every purchase thereafter grants 3 additional Attribute points. It otherwise functions as described as a merit in the Players Guide.

As a Charm, Goblin Body costs (6 + level) motes to activate. The first purchase grants 5 mutation points to build a Goblin Body with and every perchance thereafter grants and additional 2 mutation points. It otherwise also functions as described as a merit in the Players Guide.

Fae-blooded characters who do not have Awakened Essence may still purchase these as merits.


Unless with specific Story-Teller permission, Half-Castes do not exist aside from Beastmen. In the chance that someone desires to play a Beastman, they cannot learn Lunar Charms but do gain 10 mutation points on which to build their inhuman form. These mutations do not count against the levels of Wyld-Mutations they may later gain. Beastmen are otherwise created as per the rules for Half-Castes listed in the Players Guide.