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Raebirn, Artisian of Shadows

Character Background

Notes and Other Stuff

Character Sheet

"Raebirn"				Architect
Artist of Shadow			the North
Artisan (Worker/Entertainer)		Pearl Court

Strength	4		Charisma	6		Perception	7
Dexterity	5		Manipulation	7		Intelligence	6
Stamina		4		Appearance	4		Wits		6

Linguistics		[[GossamerAndIce/Investigation]]/	***		Archery		
Occult		***	[[GossamerAndIce/Larceny]]/	**		Athletics	**
Ride				Medicine			Brawl		
Socialize		[[GossamerAndIce/Performance]]/	***		Melee		
Thrown				>Stealth<	****		Presence	**

Bureaucracy			Awareness	**		Craft:  Shadows (x3)
>Craft<		***** *		Dodge		**		Dodge:  In the Dark (x2)
[[GossamerAndIce/Endurance]]/	**		Resistance	*		Occult:  The Ebon Dragon
[[GossamerAndIce/Lore]]/		***		Sail		
>Martial Arts<	****		Survival	

Languages:	Old Realm

Virtues & GRACES---
Compassion	***			Temperance	****
Conviction	*			Valor		**

Heart Grace	3 (Noble)
Cup		Ring			Staff		Sword
***		****			*		**
12 (temp)	14 (wits)		12 (app)	12 (sta)	soak (+will)
/// ///		//// ////		//		////		health

1+ (conv)	6+ (int)		7+ (man)	5+ (dex)	primary
2 (val)		7 (per)			6 (cha)		4 (str)		damage
Willpower	8		BEDLAM:		Virtue
xxxxx xxx			Describe your Lure here.

EXPERIENCE:	0xp		(History of 100)
Mutation	3		(Essence Max 9, CR *11)
Gossamer	20/20		(20/ story)

30	Personal		30/30 (0 commited)
Health Levels---
-0	-1		-2		-4	Incap
/	//		//		/	/

natural:  2/4 (0 agg-soak)		Initiative:  11	 	(Shaping: 7)
armor:  11/13 (-0 mob, 0 fatigue)	'Shadow Articulated Plate' (gossamer)

Weapon Name			Damage		Acc	Defense		Rate	Speed
Waking Circle spell		+4 (6 cup)	+1 (2+)	+4 (5+)		1	-5 (2)

Blades of the Utter Dark*	+4L (8L)	+0 (9)	+4 (13)		6	+4 (15)
* these are Gossamer Hook Swords!

Weapon Name			Damage		Acc	Range		Rate
Raw Will^			+0 (7 ring)	+0 (6+)	0 waypoints	2
Gossamer^			+6 (13 ring)	+1 (7+)	0 waypoints	2	1 gossamer/action
Curdling Dream Bow		+12 (19 ring)	+1 (7+)	1 waypoint	3	*/scene
Cosmos Seed			+2 (9 ring)	+0 (6+)	10 waypoints	3	*/action
^ these shaping weapons are considered "unarmed combat", and do not have to be readied.
* this weapon requires either 1 gossamer, or an activation of Luminous Exhalation.

Charm Name				page #	type		cost (duration)
Assumption of Elemental Shape (Air)	FF.149	Special		3 mutation points (permanent)
Mad God Mien				FF.150	Reflexive	None (permanent)
Ravishing the Created Form		FF.163	Simple		1 willpower, 0 gossamer
Banquet of Crumbs			FF.166	Simple		0 gossamer

Ill-Approving Eyes			FF.157	Reflexive	1 mote/two dice
Flesh-Carved World			FF.172	Supplemental	1 mote/die
Wyld-Curdling Attack			FF.173	Supplemental	2 motes
Luminous Exhalation			FF.174	Supplemental	1 mote/attack
Pounding Dream Harmony			FF.174	Supplemental	1 mote/soak reduction
These Dreams Are Clay			FF.175	Reflexive	5 motes

Essence-Forging Art			FF.180	Simple		3 motes
Gossamer-Forging Art			FF.181	Reflexive	5 motes, 1 gossamer/Resource (one story)
Principle of Worlds			FF.182	Simple		3 motes
Translucent Dream Sheathing Technology	FF.182	Reflexive	5 motes, 1 gossamer/Difficulty (one story)
Awakened Dream Manufacture		FF.183	Simple		3 motes
Shape-Forged Servant			FF.183	Reflexive	5 motes, 1 gossamer/Mutation (one story)
Forging the Heart Grace			FF.185	Simple		20 motes, 1+1 gossamer/Mutation
Forging the (xxxx) Grace		FF.185	Simple		10 motes, 1 gossamer
Forging the Arcane Redoubt		FF.188	Simple		25 motes, 3 gossamer
Forging the Fountainhead		FF.190	Simple		20 motes, 2 gossamer

Long-Arm Technique			FF.203	Reflexive	1 mote, 1 gossamer/2 yards (one story)
Gossamer Wing Flight			FF.203	Simple		4 motes, 1 willpower, 2 gossamer (one story)

"Relentless Shadow Vise" <9xp>; Luminous Exhalation, Wyld-Curdling Attack, Pounding Dream Harmony
"Piercing Exhalation of Shadow" <7xp>; Luminous Exhalation, and Pounding Dream Harmony
"Shadow-cluthced World" <6xp>; Luminous Exhalation, Flesh-Carved World, and Wyld-Curdling Attack.


Allies (2); You maintain contact with a second-circle demon-soul of the Ebon Dragon.
Birth (4); You crafted yourself from raw dream and the soup of the Wyld, emerging strong with a free assumption charm, Ravishing the Created Form, Banquet of Crumbs, Essence-Forging Art, Awakened Dream Manufacture, and all five of the Grace-forging charms.
Artifact (3); You've a number of impressive artifacts, including a Shadow Forge which you crafted from the Ring Grace of one of your enemies with the help of a demon-soul of the Ebon Dragon. You're other artifacts are works of Glamour sorcery, and some Wyld Artifacts.
Freehold (1); You are permitted residence in a small level-2 Freehold.
Gossamer (5); You control a vast area of the Wyld rich in Gossamer, and tithe from various Workers (both your own and others), which gives you access to amazing amounts of wealth and gossamer. You receive 20 gossamer per story, and have unlimited wealth in Creation.
Retinue (2); You control a fairly impressive gossamer-mining force of 25 workers.
Style (2); You have a stunt pool of 4, which refreshes every story.


"Ebon Shadow Forge"; Level-3 Wyld Artifact
"Viridian Wedding Band"; Level-1 Wyld Artifact
"Dreaming Pearl"; Level-1 Wyld Artifact

Glamour Sorcery

Waking Circle Spells:

All waking circle spells take 10 motes, 1 willpower and a scene of activation to invoke. The effects of the spell last for a full story, and the motes are not committed.

  • "Pauper's Coin"; A small glittering jade coin, which must be carefully slipped onto the person of the target without him realizing it. The spell makes a Intelligence + Bureaucracy roll (10 dice) as a Ring-shaping action, reducing the targets Resources level by 1 for each success for the rest of the story. The spell also adds 2 to the difficulty of all the targets mercantile transactions. Anyone with a Wits + Essence greater than 6 is immune to the effects.

Charms- Assumption of Elemental Shape (Earth), and Hateful Coin Curse.

  • "Sailor's Jewel"; a small black opal hanging on a silver chain, this spell ingratiates the person who holds it with those who sail upon the sea or rivers. The spell makes a Conviction + Performance roll (8 dice) as a Cup-shaping action, giving the bearer up to 2 dots (1/success) of Influence over Navies and Naval individuals. This spell has no effect on those whose Perception + Essence exceeds 5. The bearer also appears as a human sailor of some rank to affected individuals, but he must act the part while under the affects of the spell.

Charms- Assumption of Elemental Shape (Water), Unlimited Resplendence, and Gladdening Visage.

Merits and Flaws

Secrets (1pt flaw); you have associated with several demon-souls of the Ebon Dragon, utilizing these connections to help with some of your shadowy designs. This is a large part of the reason that you control such productive areas of the Wyld and are so rich. This discovery would simply RUIN your reputation if it got out...
Enemy (2pt flaw); you've earned the enmity of one of the Unshaped, for reasons you do not understand. This Formian now seeks you out, and often unravels the works that you bring into being...