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Niremar, Tamer of Burning Mares

Warden Soul of The Shadow Feeder

Within Malfeas, nightmares run free across the fields of iron shards and oceans of crystal agony. With eyes and hooves of burning flame, these nebulous motes of black terror scatter even demons when their herds come runnning by. For to even touch them is to force one to look inward at that which frighten and huants one the most and even in their twisted state, there-in lays a truth none but the Yozi dare face.

None, save for Niremar, Warden Soul of Xipantek. For Niremar fears no darkness save his own. He is fear made flesh, the red-eyed terror who lurks under the beds and in the closets of children and haunts the woods as brave men pass through them at night. Niremar even stalks himself. Every mirror he passes, he must keep a close eye upon, for his own reflection stalks him and waits for his guard to drop, that it may rise up and slay him from behind and thus take his place. Thus Niremar shatters every mirror or pane of glass, dirtying clear still pond. His mere presence blackens polished steel and causes silver and gold to tarnish.

Just as demons fear the nightmares, so too do they fear Niremar. Just as they scatter at the sound of approching hooves, so do they cower rather than look upon so much as his shadow. Thusly the Tamer and the Burning Mares encounter one another freiquently. Niremar tames the nightmares simply by touching them and driving them mad until they bend to his will. As the dark dreams reach into him to find that which terrifies him the most, they see only his own face staring back at them through an endless corridor of reflections. They must either submit or die, yet no matter which they choose, when Niremar lets them go they are his. The dead, he eats and mounts their heads as trophies upon his walls. The living, he takes into his stables where a thousand other mares await. At times, they go into the world, and their passage is riddled with bad omens that are felt only within the mind’s eye, as all those close feel their worst fears stalk them in dreams. Bonded to these beasts on a level which exceeds the physical, Niremar is a loving keeper of his herds and this one compassion can be felt by horses of any world. Steeds of Creation and the Underworld alike will answer his beck and call, willing an eager to serve so tender a master.

Nature: Bravo


Strength 6, Dexterity 6, Stamina 6
Charisma 6, Manipulation 5, Appearance 4
Perception 3, Intelligence 5, Wits 5


Warrior Martial Arts 6(Claws +2), Melee 4
Priest Performance 3, Presence 5(Intimidation +3), Survival 5(Nightmare Taming+5)
Savant Occult 4
Rogue Awareness 4, Athletics 4, Dodge 6, Stealth 4(At Night +2 Mounted +1)
Diplomat Linguistics 2, Ride 7(Nightmares +5), Socialize 3


Ally 2, Artifacts 4 Cult 4 Henchmen 5


Essence: 7
Essence Pool: 120
Willpower: 10

Compassion: 1 Conviction: 4 Temperance: 4 Valor: 4

Health Levels: -0/-0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/-4/-4/Incap


  • Conviction
    • Harrow The Mind(10m1w)
    • Wordly Illusion(10m1w)
    • Dreambane(15m1w)
  • Conviction
    • Cunning Thief(3m)

It is not that Niremar feeds on fear – but the fear of others empowers him.As others confront their nightmares and give in to them, they empower Niremar, they validate the Tamer of Burning Mares. When people fail their Valor checks to resist Niremar’s aura, he can spend 3 motes and roll his Charisma+Conviction – each success means 2 motes he drains from the victim.

  • Valor
    • Principle of Motion(5m1w)
    • Uncanny Prowess(2m)
    • Materialize (96m)

Hungry Ghost Style

Niremar does not use Hungry Ghost Style per se. He uses the Claw of Nightmares. The claw is shrouded on his victim’s nightmares. He drinks it as they feel the fear of his blows, he drinks it as they are pushed by fear to spend their essence. He can heighten this same fear to make people unable to use their charms without spending a hefty ammount, as he makes them panic. And when he moves for multiple actions, it is with a nightmarish speed, seeming to bend time around him, move like fear, not spirit.

    • Essence-Discerning Glance
    • Shrouded Claw Attack
    • Hungry Ghost Form
    • Consuming Entropy Strike
    • Unnatural Shambling Deftness
    • Lunging Phantom Method
    • Power-Reaping Prana
    • Charm Smothering Technique

Tamer of Burning Mares

Base Initiative: 11
Soak: 18L / 23B ( Made of Nightmares 5L / 5B, Burning Raiment 11L / 11B )
Dodge: 20

Red-Iron Claws Spd 12, Acc 15 Dmg 10L Defense 16 Rate 6
Conflagrant Arrows Acc 12 Dmg 9L Defense 12 Rate 4


For a cost of 10 motes, Niremar may spun fear from the minds of humans and Exalted alike, and set his raiment in flame with it. Those who behold Niremar see their own fears staring back at them, and have to make a Valor roll upon laying their eyes on the Tamer of Burning Mares. On a success, they have a penalty to strike the Demon equal to half his conviction. On a failure, equal to his conviction. And on a botch, they have no choice but to run.

For a cost of 3 motes, Niremar may defend incoming attacks with the Conflagrant Arrows in his raiment. Wether their defense is successful or not, they lash back at the attacker in an immediate counterattack.

Horses may never attack Niremar, and he can order them to do his bidding. Riders may attempt to resist, rolling their Charisma+Ride against Niremar’s. Familiar Horses are exempt from this, unless Niremar spends 1 willpower to make it affect them as well, but even then his own roll has a difficulty equal to the Familiar handler’s Essence.