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Uncloaking so I can stop lurking.

No, really.

I've basically been addicted to White Wolf books for years (especially Exalted, although I've got something from all of them), even though I've never played a game. I love hanging around the Wiki here and I generally check it every day or two for new stuff. I finally decided I wanted to start posting my own stuff - which usually tends to fold, twist, spindle and mutilate the rules, I warn you - and comment on stuff that others post. (Everybody deserves to hear when they come up with something really cool, y'know?)

Beyond that, it's going to take a while to get the hang of this wiki writing, so don't be surprised if nothing gets put up right away, okay? The formating rules are bending my brain and I never was any good with html.

Comment, if anybody cares to....

Hello to you too. - Han'ya fears not your rule-mutilation, for he is strong in the Force.