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Heaven and Ash

20040407: I have stacks of campaign notes typed and am getting ready to put them on the Wiki. Hopefully my players will look at them.

Note: I am writing stuff up in Z-Write, then I'll paste it here. I don't want to compose directly on the Wiki.

Welcome to Heaven and Ash, the home page of my Exalted campaign. Centered on the Isle of the Jade Crescent, the 500 mile long island just southwest of the Blessed Isle, it concerns the fate of a group of young Realm Dynasts who have unexpectedly Exalted as Solars. Realm influence on the Isle is crumbling, and many political factions -- Immaculates, Dynasts, Illuminated cultists, and others -- vie for control of the Jade Crescent, a powerful First Age artifact which allows the wielder to exert great control over the fate of the island.






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