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Well, my name's Austin, though I go by GameGuru4 online most places. I just thought I'd try this Wiki thing out and see if it'd be useful to me, and maybe a good place to stick things for my players about my game. == Lunar Game ==I'm running a Lunar game, so this section is for all the stuff related to that game.


Generic reference material


Pages on the Wiki I think are cool and want to keep track of

BrokenShade/LunarComboConstruction - tons of easy-reference notes on what can be comboed for lunars. Extremely useful!

Shataina/ManseCreation - a point-based manse creation system which is just too awesome not to love

MartialArts/MACreationGuide - a really nice set of guidelines on developing martal arts styles by Rebecca Borgstrom

Quendalon/TheAscended - an interesting idea that I might use in my game, worth keeping a handy link to at the very least

Awww ... <melts into a little puddle of flatteredness>
~ Shataina